My Dream House

The hubby and I have been looking at some houses for sale hoping to find a nice, affordable house that we can call “ours”. Our living arrangements have not changed much since I posted about it here and we’re hoping to completely change that since the hubby and I are now in the same shift (more or less). So far, we’ve seen a few really nice houses but not so affordable for us and some that are a bit affordable but is not so nice for my liking. We do have one prospect right now that I still feel a bit nervous about because it’s a bit overprice for our budget.

The thought of getting a lot and building a house from scratch crossed our minds. But I think that doing that will just cost us more money since we would want to have some things to make it our dream house.

You see, for me to call a house “perfect”, I have some requirements (which I highly doubt we’ll be able to afford)…

1) Walk-in closet. I’d like to see my clothes and shoes all organized like these. And with the amount of stuff I have, a regular closet just won’t do. I don’t know what happened but I’ve done more shopping from 2010-2013 than I ever did before that. I think Rebecca Bloomwood’s spirit has taken possession of my body. I should really stop shopping…
stylish-walk-in-closets-25 interior-fabulous-inside-of-the-walk-in-closet-interior-awesome-small-walk-in-closets-designs

2) Nice, spacious bathroom with a bathtub (or a jacuzzi :P)

43 (1) 71 79 21424_10151778131429361_1279190082_n

3) Space for dogs and cats. Our furbabies need to be comfy in our house, right? Plenty of space for them means I’ll be able to help foster rescues as well. 🙂
Dog-house-under-stairs.... Paris-Hilton-Dog-House-1 DOG HOUSE box-per-cane1

4) Sunken sofa. I just love the idea of it. I first saw something like it from a Taiwanese series and I instantly fell in love.
4-Celadon-Villa-furniture1 43 82 6579515707_ef8a4c6365_z

Of course, a perfect house does not necessarily mean a perfect “home”. I would much prefer a home to a house. But it would be nice if we can have both, right?


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