Jobee from Jollibee

Contrary to what most people know, little Kisa was actually my second rescue. Our first rescue was Jobee. I didn’t get to take care of her though that’s why I still wasn’t familiar with kittens when Kisa came to our lives. She was adopted and raised by my mother-in-law (MIL).


One morning, the hubby (then boyfriend) picked me up and took me out for breakfast before work. We were planning to eat at Jollibee, Bluewave (near Mall of Asia). As I came out of the car, I noticed this kitten sneakily inching her way towards the entrance of Jollibee while the security guard was not looking. I just watched it for a bit because I found it cute and amusing. When the guard sees the kitten near the door, he would shoo the kitten away. Then, the kitten would inch towards the door again when the guard turns away.

We finished breakfast and when we went out, the kitten was still there. Still doing the same routine. I pointed it out to the hubby and he thought it was cute too. One of his mom’s cats just passed away at the time and we thought it would be nice to give this kitten a home so we asked the guard if anybody owns the kitten. He said no and that if we were willing, we should just take the kitten home. We did just that. And we named her Jobee.

We weren’t really sure how MIL would react but she loves cats so we were hopeful that she’ll be okay with it. Jay took me to work and then took the kitten home as a “surprise” to his mom. 🙂

I don’t know what happened but somehow she grew up snobbish and not very sweet. I think she got too spoiled. Not the kitten that I used to know. Hehe. She would scratch people who pass by her every once in a while which is why I don’t like going near her. She scares me. Hehe. She once scratched our youngest niece and she had to get anti-rabies shots because of it. Peanut, the dog I gave the hubby for his birthday, hates her and goes after her all the time. Oh, the chaos we have at the house sometimes…

Despite all that, Jobee is loved (mostly). She likes to sleep at MIL’s office desk and Jobee is very sweet towards her. She had two kittens before she was spayed. Both of which still hangs around the house when they’re hungry.

I wish more people would consider taking in the stray cats and dogs. I wish they can all be rescued. I wish they can all be given a good home. But this is all I could do right now.


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