Team Building at Blue Coral

We finally had our “Summer Outing” last weekend (if you can call it that). Its been a while since I’ve joined our team outings and I was looking forward to a fun weekend with everyone.

Our destination? Blue Coral Beach Resort at Laiya, Batangas. If you’ve visited our wedsite before, you may have seen my post about celebrating our 9th anniversary there so I already knew what to expect. This time’s different though since there’s a bunch of us and we had some activities planned.

I didn’t take a camera with me so I’m borrowing photos from other people. Photos below are taken by Jeremy Guanco unless otherwise stated.

Before heading to Blue Coral, we stopped by a “lomi-han” for lunch.



Blue Coral was the same as I remembered it but with more people. We had buffet dinner, breakfast and lunch included in our package so we didn’t have to cook and prepare our own food. We got to spend the day just lazing around and having fun. The food at the resort was still as disappointing as before though. PLUS, breakfast is only until 9AM which I think is too early. Having spent the night chatting and drinking, most of us didn’t get to have breakfast at all.

Most of the morning shots have people on them so I’m using these night shots instead. 




As part of our team building activities, we got to play some tug-of-war, “crack the egg” (not really sure what that’s called), “treasure hunting” on a pan of flour (urgh!) and “charades with a twist” in the evening.

Photos below by Cedric Eleazar
DSC_0211 DSC_0220

Photo by Jeremy. What we looked like by the end of our games. ^_^


Our manager also had this idea of everyone writing a note to everyone and to our team. It was nice to read all the notes/letters and it was a nice bonding experience for everyone. It was so hard to write to everyone though. I ran out of things to say. 😛


The place we stayed at was really nice. We had the whole “house” to ourselves. The upper level had three rooms, each with a queen-sized bed and two mattress, air condition, small fridge, toilet, shower and bathtub. The middle room also had a terrace with a view of the beach. The lower level had four double-beds, a toilet and shower room but no air con. The front door leads to the pool while the backdoor leads to the beachfront.

Where we stayed. Pool side.
Beach front side.
Upper level.

Inside the middle room (with the terrace).
Front of out “house”
View from the terrace. Some of us were playing frisbee.

Time to relax by the beach.

It was really cloudy during our stay and it even rained a few times but that did not deter us from having fun. We got to walk around, swim, play, eat junk food, drink and just talk. 🙂 I’m looking forward to our next team building.




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