Panda the Cat

Just two days after Kisa left us, my aunt found another kitten that needed a home. True to her word, my mom called me about it and asked if I wanted to take the kitten in. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first. We just lost Kisa and I felt that my heart wasn’t ready for another one. But what can I do? How can I possibly turn my back on this kitten? So I said yes. She rambled about how the new kitten was bigger than Kisa was and looked stronger so things would be a lot better. I could even hear the kitten’s small cries from the phone as if it wanted to prove itself.

I told my hubby about it so we prepared ourselves again. Good thing that we still had the stuffs we bought for Kisa. The kitten was older than Kisa was and it meows a LOT. So noisy but so cute at the same time. It seemed to have some cuts on the left side of its face. I’m not sure what it was but we can’t clean it. I think it was from trying to scratch its left eye ‘coz it was a bit dry. The hubby cut her nails so that the kitten won’t scratch its eye anymore. One thing I noticed right away was that she was a curious cat. She walked around our room a lot.

As usual, Luffy was beside himself. He kept fuzzing over the kitten and trying to play with it as much as he could. One time he even slept in our room without us knowing. He stayed under the bed where he could keep an eye on the kitten.


We decided to take the kitten to my mom-in-law’s (MIL) home that weekend because we had plans and we thought they could take care of her a bit while we were out. We took her to the vet first where she was vaccinated and confirmed that the kitten was a girl. We told the vet that she doesn’t like to drink anything. Water or milk. She recommended a kitten milk which we bought and we were told to take her back after 2 weeks for deworming. When we took her to MIL’s home, Jay’s older brother (Kuya) was really excited to meet her. I remember his words, “mabubuhay na ‘to” (this cat will be able to survive). He knew we were really concerned ‘coz we just lost Kisa. I think Kuya fell in love with her. She’s charming like that. We decided that he’ll be her guardian from then on. He’ll be able to take better care of her since the hubby and I can’t look after her on weekdays. The kitten was eventually named “Panda” because she’s black and white. Panda seemed to like Kuya back. Less than an hour after arriving, I saw her sleeping on Kuya’s lap. πŸ™‚ She found her home.

I felt a pang of emptiness when we had to leave her behind. My heart was heavy and I couldn’t stop worrying about her. I really missed her a lot that week. I posted a photo of her at PALS and someone commented about her being a “Kitler”. Apparently, they’re cats that look like Hitler because of their black spots around the nose/mouth area. Hehe. Since then, the hubby and I referred to her as Kitler every now and then. πŸ™‚

She was quite fond of the hubby’s slippers and was very curious about his shoes. It was so cute how she’d fall asleep on it. It was cuteness overload.

IMAG1492 IMAG1488 IMAG1489 IMAG1500 IMAG1495

We finally got to see her the next weekend and brought cat food for her. She seemed comfortable with her new life. She’d wake up and go straight to the kitchen while meowing. We’ll feed her and when she’s done and has roamed around a bit she’d go back to her place and sleep. She seemed really healthy, although I did notice that she doesn’t drink. She wasn’t that keen about the kitten milk that we got from the vet nor does she want to drink water. We forced her to drink but I felt it wasn’t enough. They would feed her rice with soup though (like sinigang) so she’d have some fluids. She’d play around and jump and run. The dog, Cutie, would sometimes play rough with her which worries me but she seemed to be fine with everything. I felt optimistic and even thought about what she’d be like when she’s all grown up. I just wanted her to stay as sweet as she was.

Last Thursday we received bad news. πŸ˜₯ Panda passed away. We don’t know what happened. Kuya said that she meowed a lot on Wednesday night and she slept on his bed beside him. The next day she just collapsed. They rushed her to the vet but she died on the way there. I felt crushed when I heard the news.

I don’t know what we did wrong again. This is just so frustrating. I was so looking forward to seeing her that weekend. We were going to take her back to the vet and I really wanted to take pictures of her face close up since I didn’t get to take photos the previous weekend.

I know I shouldn’t blame myself. Didn’t I just post about it a few weeks ago? Sudden deaths of kittens may be common but having to experience it twice in less than a month really takes a toll on your emotions. 😦

Run to the rainbow bridge, Panda! We love you lots. I wish we could still see you and hug you and kiss you. Look out for Kisa, ok?



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