Manila Ocean Park: Revisited

Last March, my mom, hubby and I revisited Manila Ocean Park. We went there with my brother when it was newly-opened years ago and there has been a lot of new attractions since then.

I took the day off to spend some quality time with my family so we decided to head over to Manila Ocean Park and see the new attractions that we’ve heard about. Fortunately, Metrodeal had a promo that bundled most of the new attractions at a cheaper price so we grabbed the deal and bought three tickets.

There weren’t a lot of people when we arrived. We got our tickets from the booth and decided to watch the shows first.


The bird show was like any other we’ve seen before. Birds doing different tricks, from shooting different objects to doing a little bit of math.

Some guests decided to sun bathe in front of everyone just when the show was about to start.
4 5 6

Up next were the seals. They were so cute and I wanted to take them home.

Male to the left and female to the right. 🙂
I really liked how the trainer looks like she’s trying to comfort the seal. So cute!
Showing off their skills.
This guy got to kiss a pretty lady from the audience.

There was an enclosure where there were other seals that guests can take a photo with… for a price of course…


After lunch, our next stop was ‘Birds of Prey Kingdom’, which is another enclosure featuring eagles and other huge birds. The staff told us not to raise our cameras too much ‘coz the birds might grab them from us. It was fascinating to see them up close and know more about them.

14 15 16 17


Then, we went inside the oceanarium, which is the main attraction. There weren’t a lot of changes since we’ve been there. I noticed that the huge crab was gone, still no sea turtles/tortoises, the sharks have gotten bigger (they used to be little babies) and they removed the starfishes that you could touch. Other than that, I think it’s pretty much the same.





Live shark eggs.23

Where’s Nemo?



It was really entertaining to watch this guy.




This photo looks somewhat animated to me. 🙂



We then headed to the ‘Trails of Antartica’ which has the Slide O’ Fun (a huge slide made of ice), the penguins and the Snow Village. I think I had the most fun here. The slide made me scream a few times and we got to feed the penguins.

31 34 32 33

Entrance to Snow Village and the Penguin enclosure.35

We got to feed the penguins. It wasn’t fair being first, I only got close to one.


The penguin on the bottom-right photo looked really disappointed. I’m not sure if we were able to feed it. He did bite the hubby though. Hehe.


Pictorial inside the Snow Village.

Next were the dancing sea fairies (or something like that). It’s just a bunch of aquariums filled with jellyfish. They have background music on and the aquarium lights change colors which give you the illusion that they’re dancing… I really don’t like jellyfish but they can be really pretty when you look closely.

36 38 37 39

Lastly, an interactive show with this penguin. Kids would definitely enjoy the show but for adults like us who have seen similar shows before, well, it wasn’t all that fun.


We had tickets for the fountain show too but we would have had to wait a couple of hours for it and we thought it wasn’t worth it so we decided to head back home.

Overall, it was an entertaining day and I was just glad I got to spend my day with the hubby and my mom.


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