I Don’t Understand: Praying on FB

I don’t understand why some people have to pray through FB. I see a lot of these. From those being so grateful that they just have to pour their hearts out and tell God how amazing their lives are to those who are so desperate to ask for something. Somehow this has become a trend…

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for praying and communicating with God but I just don’t get why people have to “announce” it through FB. I’m not talking about those who share the Word of God like posting some Bible verses. I’m talking about those who just have to put their whole prayer in writing and post it in FB. Is it so that other people who read it would pray with/for them? Implied prayer request? Does 1 like = 1 prayer from that person? I guess it doesn’t make sense to me because I always thought of prayer as an intimate conversation with God.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong… I’m just wondering ‘coz I don’t get it.


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