Pig Out Weekend: Dampa + Chili’s

Celebrating birthdays is always fun when you get to celebrate it with the family. The best part about being married is we get to spend it twice: with the hubby’s side of the family and with mine. For the hubby’s birthday this year, we got to spend it pigging out at Dampa with his side and at Chili’s with my side of the family. It was a fun and very fattening weekend. XD

To start our weekend celebration, we had a relaxing massage at the Olympia Spa and watched Iron Man 3 (the hubby’s fave Marvel character).


The next day, we had lunch at Dampa at Paranaque. Dampa is a wet marketplace (mostly for seafood) wherein you can buy what you want to eat (crabs, shrimp, fish, etc.) and then ask the restaurant to cook it any way you want it to. When we arrived, there were a couple of ‘restaurant representatives’ who approached us trying to coax us into choosing one of them by promising how good their food is and that there’s airconditioning and videoke available inside for us to enjoy. We used to go to Beth’s but apparently, they already closed so we had no choice but to choose one of them. The one we chose turned out to be the restaurant owner and cook as well.

The food was good but nothing to really rave about. I guess we’ll try a different restaurant the next time we go there in hopes of finding one as good as Beth’s. Nevertheless, we all went home with full tummies.
Dampa at Paranaque
Restaurants near the market
Wet Market
Sinigang + Shrimp + Squid = Yummy
More food! Crabs, oysters, tanigue and baked tahong.

Before the day ended, Jay and I attempted to bake a cake. I don’t know what came over him but he said he wanted to try making lava cake. Considering that they even made lava cake as a challenge at Master Chef US, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But what the heck, you’ll never know until you try. And try we did…

The first one was underbaked. The sides and the bottom were still too wet. We tried to put it back so that we could bake it some more but that didn’t work out.

The second one was overbaked. I think we put it in the over twice as long as the first one and ended up looking like a brownie/cupcake. I was really looking forward to seeing the chocolate drip out but that didn’t happen. Hehe.

We tried to salvage it by putting the unbaked part of the first one on top of the second one. Then I put flower candies on top to make it look like a birthday cake. Hehe. Frosted moist chocolate cake, anyone? It didn’t taste so good though. XD We’ll keep on trying until we finally make a successful one. Maybe next week…

The next day (Jay’s actual birthday), we went to Chili’s (Greenbelt) to celebrate his birthday with my family. I tried Chili’s a few weeks ago with my teammates and loved the food so I just had to bring them there. Our Chili’s experience was just as good as I hoped. Customer service was great and the food was just as good as I remembered. Writing about this is actually making me crave their Skillet Queso. Yum…

Santa Fe Steak + Big Mouth Burger Bites + Chicken Crispers
Skillet Queso. They have the best cheese dip in the world.
Fajita Trio + Beef Salpicao + Turkey Burger

My Birthday Boy. ^_^



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