Disaster Averted

It’s already been a couple of weeks but the experience is still fresh in my mind. It was the closest to a disaster that I have ever been.

A few weeks ago (April 14 to be exact), the hubby and I were in my room at my parents’ house having an ordinary evening. I was re-reading my collection of manga (Gakuen Alice) when I smelled something burning. At first we thought it was just bonfire from the neighbor’s or something so I asked Jay to close the windows so the smoke won’t get in. As he did that, we noticed that there were a lot of people gathering on the streets looking at something near our house (my room’s at the third floor). I went up to the rooftop to find my father already checking it out. About thirty feet away from our house is a burning junkyard. I could see the fire and it looked big.

I think I was in denial for the first five minutes. I was thinking that it would be put out really soon and we just have to stay at home or do what we can to help. No need to worry at all. A few minutes later, my mom instructed us to start packing important stuffs and some change of clothes. Well, that’s not good.

My mind was reeling. I didn’t know what to do first. What should I pack? Should I bring my new boots? I haven’t worn that yet. What about my books? And my clothes. Then I thought… to hell with it. I don’t need those. They can all be replaced. What made me really worried were my dogs.

I have three dogs residing at our (covered) rooftop: Thunder (13 years), Lime (7) and Kyo (7). The problem is that they’re not socialized. Leading them out of the house is going to be a huge task and I was the only one who would risk anything to get them to safety. Thunder hates people (except me and my immediate family). Lime doesn’t have a leash and is afraid of stairs. And Kyo is hyperactive. Add to that, Thunder doesn’t like my husband so the hubby can’t help me with them or he’ll attack him (again). And Thunder and Kyo absolutely hates each other. They attack each other every chance they get (I so need Cesar Milan).

After packing some stuffs, I went back to the rooftop to check the fire. It was spreading. Later on, we were instructed to go downstairs and be ready to evacuate just in case. By this time, I was in a total state of panic. I didn’t know what was happening around me anymore. I just knew that I couldn’t leave my dogs at the rooftop just like that.I tried taking them downstairs but I wasn’t sure if that made things worse. My father was instructing me to go downstairs and stay with everyone else but I couldn’t leave them. I started crying. I just felt helpless. My dad told me he’ll try to take care of things and I should just go downstairs. So I did. All the while praying that things would not get worse.

When I got downstairs, Jay was upset at me for not listening. I could only cry and tell him how worried I was. We prayed that the firemen would be able to stop the fire from spreading further. Pray that things don’t get out of control. Pray that our house doesn’t burn. Pray that my dogs would be safe. Pray that we wouldn’t lose our home. Everyone was anxious. After a while, the power went out which made things ever more scary. Later on, they declared the fire was under control. I felt relieved but still worried until they told us that the fire was completely out.

I don’t think I ever felt so thankful in my life. Thankful to God for hearing my prayers. Thankful for relatives who came to help. Thankful for the firemen who put out the fire. Thankful for everything that I have. I realized how lucky we were. Things could have gotten so much worse. And I could have lost not just my things but my home and my dogs. I can only pray that something like that would never happen again. That we would never be put in a position that we have to evacuate our home. ‘Coz I really don’t know what I would have done if things went really out of hand.

This photo was taken 5 days after the fire at our rooftop to show how close the fire was. The house in front belongs to relatives. That high wall probably saved us. It kept the fire from getting into the houses. I call it a ‘junkyard’ but I’m not really sure what it was. We don’t know what they do there. There used to be a roof that covered the premises so we couldn’t see anything even from our rooftop. While the fire was going on, we could hear small ‘explosions’ which I assume were from the burning vehicles.



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