Free Comic Book Day

May 4 was Free Comic Book Day. Most Fully Booked branches were giving away free comic books to everyone. The Boni High Street branch was giving three comics each while all others were one comic book per person. I also received a text from Planet X about it. Apparently, they were also giving three comic books per person at their Glorietta branch. Jay and I was initially thinking of going to Boni High Street but changed our minds thinking that Glorietta was nearer to us. We woke up late than we originally intended to and thought that by the time we got to Gorietta, all the free comic books will be gone. Fortunately, there were still a lot of comics when we got there. There weren’t a lot of well-known titles available though but it was free comics nonetheless. Who were we to complain? 😉

Planet X at Glorietta
Free comic books

Our free comics ^_^


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