One Dress, Five Engagement Shoots

One of the hardest things to plan for me when it comes to engagement shoots back when we were still preparing for our wedding is figuring out what to wear. Needless to say that we had to recycle a couple of concepts and outfits a few times with the many engagement shoots that we had. My most used dress is the white one I bought at Divisoria for around 1,500php.

While planning for our first engagement shoot with Rene Gaviola, I was playing around with the concept of ‘Trash-the-Dress’. But ofcourse, my actual wedding dress wasn’t available for that yet and I had qualms about actually ‘trashing’ my wedding gown so I thought buying an inexpensive white gown would do the trick. True enough, we achieved our Trash-the-Dress concept with this dress and we also got to use it in most of our shoots.

Each shoot was completely different in theme and style with different photographers. Aside from the hubby and I, the dress is what they had in common. 🙂 These are some pictures from the five engagement shoots where we used this dress.

Photographer: Rene Gaviola
Location: Anawangin
HMUA: Doray SarfuentesJay-Telle_054 tj-0796

Photographer: Imagine Nation (Dennis Yu and Shayla Sanchez – Apprentices at the time)
Location: Batlag Falls
HMUA: Doray Sarfuentes

I was initially thinking of getting into the water like we did at Anawangin but I changed my mind when I saw the bathroom. It was not very well-kept and I saw some spiders. Hehe.



Side story: Another W@Wie posted about how they had their engagement shoot at Batlag Falls too so I checked out the photos. Lo and behold, not only did we have the same location, we also wore the same gown. XD What a coincidence… Check out her photos here, so nice…

Photographer: Ed Sermona (Smart Shot Studios)
Location: Light of Love
HMUA: Doray Sarfuentes
Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz
Jay_Telle_754_09-27-2010 Jay_Telle_828_09-27-2010

Photographer: Little Red Moments
HMUA: Doray Sarfuentes

IMG_7819 8

Photographer: Zandro Quimson (Smart Shot Studios)
Location: Light of Love

Jay_Tell_170_11-18-2010 Jay_Tell_378_11-18-2010

I’m happy to report that despite all the ‘trashing’ and the constant need to get dry-cleaned, the dress is still in pretty good shape and wearable (I’m just not sure if it still fits me, hehe). Talk about ‘return of investment’…


3 thoughts on “One Dress, Five Engagement Shoots

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  2. Hi. I saw your prenup photos of Batlag Falls and they’re so nice! May I know if there were any permits needed or can we just go to Batlag Falls and have a shoot there? 🙂 thanks!

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