Fashion Finds at Bugis

I’ve mentioned how I loved going to Bugis during my free time before. That little hobby certainly put a hole in my pocket but it’s ok, I enjoyed shopping there and found some great fashion pieces that are a definite favorite in my closet. Let me show you some of them…

Note: Sorry about the not-so-nice photos. I contemplated about taking decent ones ala-Lookbook but decided against it ‘coz I’m too lazy and that would take me months to complete so I tried using phone filters hoping it would help but I don’t think it did. 😛

I bought quite a number of footwear while I was in Singapore and this is one of my favorites. Christian Louboutin-inspired spiky shoes. Fashion that can kill (or atleast hurt, hehe). These were being sold at 25SGD each or 45SGD if you get another pair of shoe. Not bad, right? I’ve actually seen similar shoes being sold in shops nowadays for more than 1,300PHP.


I’ve been wanting Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita shoes for a while now but I find even the knock-offs as too expensive. Thankfully, I found these. I guess these are the closest I’ll get to Lita-shoes being a cheapskate that I am. They were being sold at only 19.90SGD.


LBD and LWD. I found the exact same dresses at a shop in Glorietta, Makati. I swear they were the exact same, the only difference was the tag of the shop. Both were being sold at 1,595.00PHP each whereas I got mine for only 20SGD each at Bugis. The white dress is actually leatherish, which is why I bought it despite being a little too loose on me.


(a) Detachable leather collar. I’ve posted about my love for detachable collars before. Add that to my love for leather pieces and I was one happy lady when I found this. If I remember correctly, I got this for 10SGD. (b) Detachable peplum belt. It’s either 10SGD or 15SGD. I can’t remember. Hehe.


Gold leather skirt for 20SGD.
Camera 360

The black leather skirt I was wearing here was 18SGD.

Satchel bag for 30SGD.
Camera 360

Leather shorts (18SGD) + Floral long-sleeve chiffon blouse (14SGD). The blouse is actually reversible. You can wear it with the zipper on the front or back.

And last but not the least, my favorite office dress (20SGD).



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