Dining at Bella Rocca

When checking for reviews of Bella Rocca, food is usually the major “complaint” because it’s too expensive. Well, I agree. BUT that should be expected since it’s a luxury resort, right? Everything will be over-priced. Breakfast was included in the package so we didn’t have to worry about it. It’s just the lunch, snacks and dinner that would be really costly.

These are the food that we ordered while we were there… Oh, and just a note… They have a dress code in their main dining area. No sando for men, which became a problem for us ‘coz Jay only brought one shirt, the rest are mostly beach attire. Every time we eat, Jay uses that one and only shirt. ^_^ That’s why sometimes, we would just get room service and eat in our room. The downside to that is that we don’t get served water and bread (and I loved their soft rolls).

Dining area from the outside.

You can choose to have a Filipino breakfast or a continental one. Filipino breakfast would be more worth it since it’s heavier. You have options for typical Filipino breakfast such as TapSiLog (Beef, fried rice and egg), CornSiLog (Corned beef, rice and egg) and BangSiLog (Bangus, rice and egg).

We tried the continental breakfast and this was what was served to us for two people. -_- And the fruits weren’t that sweet too…

Hawaiian Pizza @ 440.00php. Out first order.

Fisherman’s Platter @ 850.00php.

Room service. Half roasted chicken with rice for two @ 580.00php.

Halo-Halo @ 180.00php each.

Mini-burgers @ 320.00php. Not bad for a snack. I actually liked the burger a lot.

Kare-Kare @ 600.00.

For couples, you can have a private dinner at the tea house. It was quite expensive though, at 1500PHP per person. This includes a nice, romantic setup at the Tea House with your own butler and a 3-course meal. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the names of the food that was served (I really should start taking notes)… Food was served hot, which is what the butler is for. He has to use a golf cart to bring us our food from the main kitchen to make sure it’s fresh.

I loved the super cozy setup. Not surprisingly, a lot of guys have proposed here. I asked our butler and he said that no lady has said “No” just yet. ^_^ I wish we could’ve dressed up for the occasion…




And ofcourse, just us having fun… Thank God for tripod and remote control.


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