Bella Rocca Island Resort

Feeling a bit down ‘coz one of my memory cards is not working. It’s asking me to format it. The bad news is that the photos from our trip to the Science Center and AFA 2012 are there and aside from a few photos I previously selected for my future AFA post, I don’t have any backups at all. *** moment of despair *** I’ve been researching online to try to figure out a way to recover my photos and I found a utility that supposedly can recover photos after formatting the card but I’m too scared to try it. Anyone tried Recuva before? I’m so scared to format my card…

Since I’m not yet sure what to do with that, I thought I could just post about our 2nd Wedding Anniversary celebration at Bella Rocca.

I’ve been dreaming about going to Bella Rocca since I first found out about it. The place is just so picturesque… Bella Rocca is an island at Marinduque that has Santorini-inspired arhitecture. It’s the closest I could ever be to Greece at the moment. Unfortunately, Bella Rocca is a 5-star luxury resort… Emphasis on ‘luxury’, which means uber expensive. The last time I checked, their published rate is at 30,000PHP per night on a De Luxe Room.

Luckily, Deal Dozen had a promo that I just couldn’t pass up. For 30,000PHP, you get to stay at Bella Rocca for not just one or two nights but FOUR. I was one of the first who bought the deal (they released it at midnight) and last December, the hubby and I finally got to use the voucher for our week-long anniversary celebration. Banzai!

Staying at Bella Rocca for 4 nights was the best way to treat myself and the hubby after six months of staying away from home and being stressed out from work. It was a wonderful experience. Our stay was full of fun and relaxing activities and the place was just beautiful and serene. We enjoyed the privacy and the first-class service.

You can get to Marinduque via commercial flight (Zest Air), RORO (I don’t think anyone would recommend this) or a chartered plane (if you have money). It was a quick flight with not a lot of passengers, in just around 30 minutes we were already touching-down in Marinduque. We met the resort staff at the airport who informed us that we will be traveling by land for around 45 minutes to the town of Lipata where Bella Rocca is located and then by rubber boat for another 5 minutes.





When we arrived at the island, we were greeted by some staffs who gave us the ‘necklace’ I’m wearing here. The main transportation in the island is golf carts which I really enjoyed. Fun. Fun. I wish I can have my own to drive around. XD

The main building where we stayed…

When we arrived at the actual resort, we were welcomed by the staff and were given welcome drinks.




The voucher was only for a Deluxe Room (I’d love to stay at the Villa though). It’s spacious enough with a bath tub and a terrace with a nice view. There was mold in the bathroom though… 😦


Hubby found a comfy spot right away. Bottom: Where we dine when we have room service.

View from our terrace…

The resort has lots of amenities and activities to do. So even though we spent five days there, we never really got bored. Wifi is also available at the lobby and the dining area while there’s also LAN cables inside the rooms.

Top photo is where the guests were welcomed and briefed about the resort.
Dining area. You have the option to dine inside or out. We mostly ate inside, but eating outside was also really nice, especially in the morning. You have a beautiful view right in front of you and of course, fresh air…
The view…

They have the game room where you can use the internet, play billiards or foosball (which I apparently suck at), chess and other board games. They also have a collection of movies here which you can borrow.

Now, let me just show you around Bella Rocca… This is the lap pool. We had it all to ourselves one afternoon.

And the viewing deck, which was way high up. I can’t remember how many steps there were but it was a LOT. It was a workout climbing here.

The path to the viewing deck.

The path to the viewing deck.

The top.

Here’s a view from the terrace of the ‘Tea House’. It’s a place where guests can bask on the peaceful surroundings and meditate… or something like that. At night, they set it up for private dinners for couples. I didn’t get to take a photo of the actual tea house but I do have a few photos from our private dinner. It’ll have to wait until my next post, though.

The helipad. The hubby and I tried to wait for the sunset one afternoon but it was too cloudy and we didn’t get to see it. -_-
Loved how there’s just one spot in the middle of the ocean where there was sunshine…
We waited and waited…

The building on the left is their water sports center. Basically, it’s where you can borrow snorkeling gears, kayaks and other water-related stuffs to enjoy. Snorkeling and borrowing the kayaks are free but all other motorized sports have charge. The hubby and I went snorkeling one afternoon and our guide was really good and took care of us. It was a really fun experience. I think snorkeling at Bohol (Balicasag) was better since there’s a lot more to see but because our guide was really accommodating, we enjoyed this one a lot too. It was the first time I’ve seen HUGE boulders at the bottom of the ocean that only The Hulk could lift…

At the rooftop.

Walking around the island… Lots of villas/terrazas around. Some are still under construction.
This was the biggest “room” they have available. Apparently, it doesn’t get used very often. I can only imagine how much this costs a night…

The beach did NOT have fine sand and it hurt walking around barefoot so make sure to bring aqua shoes or something.
Those rocks over there would’ve made a nice background for a photo shoot. Too bad we didn’t have a photographer.
Isn’t it beautiful?

And last but not the least, the infinity pool…

I’ll end this post with the hubby and I playing around near the infinity pool and just taking photos…

I’d love to come back here for some R&R. I miss Bella Rocca already.


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