Guess How Many…

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I mentioned before how Valentine’s Day is not really my thing but since there will be some Valentine-related activity at our office tomorrow, I thought I’d try to get in the spirit of it…

Actually, no…The only reason I’m getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day is this… Chocolates… Lots of chocolates…


As a pre-valentine game, the organizers (not sure what to call them) prepared three jars filled with chocolate goodies and we’re supposed to guess how many candies are in each jars. Whoever gets the correct (or the nearest) answer gets to have all the chocolates inside the jar… Who wouldn’t want to win?

You’d think it’s easy but the chocolates are in different shapes and sizes and there are items inside like the candle and the flower that makes it hard to guess… I sent in my entries to try my luck. We’ll know tomorrow if I guessed it right…

Update: I won the Medium jar. Yay! Well, technically, it was a triple tie but I’m happy enough with that. ^_^


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