My Hair on Someone’s Head

Taking a break from my travel-related posts…

The last time I got a haircut was… … … I can’t remember. I think I had it trimmed once after our wedding, but it was just a slight trim that nobody even noticed anything.XD. I wanted to get a haircut before I went to Singapore but I never had the time and since haircuts in Singapore costs a fortune (and I’m a cheapskate), I waited until I got back home.

While I was in Singapore, there was a charity event for cancer patients. They were encouraging people to donate their hair to make a wig out of for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to treatment. I got inspired and I wanted to join BUT the print ads I saw were about shaving people’s head and I wasn’t brave enough to do it. Still… I promised myself that I was definitely going to donate my hair one way or another.

Just before the New Year, I finally got my haircut…

As a reference, this photo was taken around early October…

Camera 360

I struggled to find a place to donate my hair. All the organizations I found in the internet were located in other countries. Thankfully, I found out about Kythe Ateneo. I was able to contact them and last Saturday, I finally got to donate it. 🙂 That felt good.

If anyone else wants to donate, here are the details:



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