Gardens by the Bay: OCBC Skyway and the Cloud Forest

Gardens by the Bay is right across Marina Bay Sands. I actually just learned about it when I saw pictures of a college friend in Facebook with the OCBC skyway as the background and got curious. It looked really interesting. I’ve been near the area of Marina Bay Sands before but I never noticed it so when the hubby went back to Singapore to stay with me, it was the first on my list of places to go to with the hubby.

Gardens by the Bay has different attractions with the Cloud Forest and Garden Dome as the main places to go to.

To get there, we just took the MRT to Bayfront station then walked the rest of the way. Exiting the MRT, there is a hall with mirrors and floral wallpapers on both sides. A nice place to take photos. 🙂 Ofcourse, there was also someone doing the exact same thing behind us. XD

Camera 360

Hours and Admission Fees:
Outdoor Gardens : 5AM – 2AM daily (Free)
Conservatories : 9AM – 9PM daily ($8 to $28)
OCBC Skyway : 9AM – 9PM daily ($3 to $5)

Since I had a work pass, I got the tickets for both conservatories at only 20SGD. The hubby’s was 28SGD.


I’m gonna do this backwards and post about the OCBC Skyway first, which is basically just a bridge that is 22 meters high. If I remember correctly, we paid 5SGD each to enter. It’s a one-way bridge. One end is the way up while the other is the way down.





Another place that would take you really high up is the Cloud Forest. There’s a light mist surrounding the place and it was pretty cold inside. As soon as you enter, you’ll see the abundant waterfall with lots of plants on the wall that looks like a mountain.


The peak of the waterfall.

Can’t wait to go to the top…


Behind the waterfall…

Interesting-looking plant.

Garden @ the top.

View from the top… Starting our descend.

Stalactites… Stalagmites… Can’t remember the difference. 😛

Crocodile from the top. Crocodile on the ground.

Finally back to the ground. Safe and sound. The hubby and I don’t like heights very much.

Reminded me of Bellsprout for some reason.


Misty-misty… Rainforest-y.

Next post will be about the Flower Dome. I decided to separate that so my posts won’t be too heavy with photos. Bear with me, please… 🙂


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