Itacho Sushi

My teammate has mentioned Itacho Sushi a few times knowing that the hubby and I love Japanese food so when we had dinner at Plaza Singapura with her one night, Itacho Sushi was our first choice. The hubby and I have actually eaten here once before but we only ordered a few dishes and didn’t get to take pictures so this time I made sure to bring my handy camera-phone with me. Its been a while so I can’t remember everything we ordered. I forgot to take note again. I’m good like that. -_-




I think it’s chicken teriyaki. I loved this.


Left: Lobster-something, Right: classic california maki. I love how the roes pop in your mouth.


If I remember correctly, it’s a toridon… or maybe a katsudon?


Sashimi galore



Fried gyoza. It looks a bit greasy but it was actually good.


How to eat a sushi.

For some reason, the hubby and I mostly ended up eating Japanese food when we were in Singapore. 😛


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