Resorts World Sentosa: Revisited

A few weeks before Halloween last year, the hubby and I got to revisit Resorts World Sentosa. We were able to try some of the attractions we didn’t get to try last time we were there and repeat the ones we really liked.

At Vivo City. Waiting for the Sentosa Express to arrive. So many people.

Touchdown. We had breakfast at KFC and got our Play Pass tickets at the booth beside it.

Necklaces for souvenir.

Our first stop was the Merlion.
3 4 5

Lake Monsters and the different movies about them.

My shoes were glowing inside.

At the entrance, they’ll give you coins to insert in one of the merlion things and you get a prize for it. We got ID laces.

A view from the mouth of the Merlion.

Different souvenirs. Merlion overload.

From the Merlion, we started walking around looking for the Segways. It was the first time we tried it and I enjoyed it very much. So much so that I want one for myself. But it’s too expensive. 😦 And yeah, no photos of us on a segway. We were too busy learning how to use it.
12 11

I really wanna try this but it’s too expensive.

The beach. Bottom: kids playing with their dog. So cute.

We tried the Tiger Sky Tower again. Here’s a panoramic view at the top.

We then went to ‘Images of Singapore’. I’ll have a separate post for it. There’s too many photos to upload and my internet connection can only do so much today. πŸ™‚

Our only photo on the Luge. Got this as a souvenir because as always, we don’t have a lot of photos together.

We also got to bike around Sentosa. It was a workout for me. Excuse my sweaty, unkempt self.

On our way to Fort Siloso. They were starting to decorate the place in preparation for the Halloween.
33 34
Inside the bus. Very “Halloween-y”. Skeletons with shades? A nice Halloween souvenir. Even our bus driver’s got his gloves on.

We didn’t get to do anything at Fort Siloso though. Only two areas were available at the time because the others were being prepared for the Halloween and they were fully booked until 6pm. 😦

I’ll also have another post for The Maritime and Experiential Museum to avoid photo overload in this post. πŸ™‚

A trip to Sentosa will not be complete without a cable car ride.
47 48

A view from the cable car.


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