Bugis Street: My Shopping Heaven

I’m having a migraine because of stress… To help aleviate that, I thought I could write about one of my favorite places in Singapore… BUGIS.

I spent a LOT of time in Bugis when I was still in Singapore. A couple of times, I tried scouring the whole place looking for cheap clothes, shoes or accessories. It’s my shopping heaven. The reason why we were overbaggaged on our way home. This is the one place that I really splurged on in Singapore. I couldn’t shop in Orchard or other malls because I always find their stuffs too expensive (cheapskate alert). Real cute and fashionable BUT expensive.

Bugis was actually the first place I went to as soon as I arrived in Singapore back in June and I was just glad that the place is near my apartment. Here, you’ll find an array of clothes and shoes for both men and women at a cheaper price. Most of the clothes I check out online were actually available here so I was one happy girl. AND there were a lot of street foods too (that I never tried).

I didn’t get to take much photos (specially of the clothes for sale) because it’s usually crowded and there are just too many shops to see but here are some photos I managed to take with my phone. πŸ™‚ (All hail, camera-phones!)

Top-left: fortune-teller we saw on our way to Bugis. Bottom-left: Just some toys being sold at the back of Bugis street. Right: I know a few people who needs this shirt.








Looks like Buchi, palitaw and pichi-pichi. πŸ˜›

I used to bring the one at the left-most to school for snacks. I always end up eating the candy-top only. XD








Naughty boys not allowed…

Right across Bugis Street are more shops where you can find brands such as Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Ray Ban, Bysi, etc. Β There’s a fountain where kids like to play with the water. I’ve always wanted to do this when I was a kid. Looks fun.

14Check out this post (Fashion Finds at Bugis) for some of the stuffs I bought. πŸ™‚


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