All About Dogs… Discover Dogs 2012

Happy Holidays! Its been a while, but… I’m back! Not just at WordPress but also in Manila. Yup. Home Sweet Home. I can’t believe November and more than half of December went by without a single post here. Hehe. I was hoping December would be a lot better but things are still a bit busy. I haven’t even had the time to completely sort out the photos from my camera and phone yet. 😛

Well, what better way to start up my blog again than to post about adorable doggies? I went to Discover Dogs 2012 at the Singapore Expo last Aug-09. There were dogs of different breeds everywhere that it just made me so happy. The only downside to it is that it made me miss my own babies. 😦

Inside the expo, there were booths that sell different doggie accessories and paraphernalias, booths for animal welfare groups and those that specialize for a specific breed. There were also some competitions including one for dog groomers. And basically, there were just dogs everywhere. I drowned myself in their cuteness. ^_^ I managed to get myself to snap a few photos so here goes…

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Oh, and here’s a photo of the newest addition to our family, Luffy. I’ve always wanted a small fluffy dog but I promised myself not to buy a dog knowing how many dogs need a home out there but Luffy was given to us by a cousin. 😛 He arrived a week or two before I came home and my mom kept talking about how adorable he is everytime I call so I was really eager to meet him. Luffy did not disappoint. He’s just so full of cuteness. It’s refreshing to have a dog that hardly ever barks at anyone and is so welcoming to other people. ^_^




I still have quite a backlog of Singapore-related posts and our anniversary celebration at Bellarocca so watch out for that. 😉


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