IKEA and the Lazy Couple

I’ve been really lazy when it comes to updating for the past few months… I just haven’t been in the mood to write much when I was alone here in Singapore and now that the hubby’s here with me, I became even more lazy. Hehe.

Well, I’ll try to change that a bit starting now. Hopefully…

OK. Here we go… I took the hubby at IKEA for lunch yesterday. What’s IKEA? They’re actually known for their really nice furnitures that you can build on your own. But aside from the furnitures and house stuffs, a lot of people come here to eat.

My teammate raves about their cakes all the time (that I didn’t get to take a photo of — I’m good like that). They don’t really have  a LOT of choices for the entrees but pretty much everything I’ve tried there taste good. PLUS, they’re really affordable. Part of the reason why they’re affordable is that the place is self-service. It’s pretty simple: You fall in line, get a trolley and a tray, take the food or drinks you want that are available at the coolers or tell the servers which food you want for the entrees or appetizers, pay for the food, eat and last but certainly not the least, clean up after yourself. See? Easy…

(Left-top:) Customers are given cups for their drinks. Up to you which one you’d like and you can go back for more. 1SGD for a bottomless drink, not bad.
(Left-bottom:) Other drinks, cakes, salads, etc. in coolers.
(Right-top:) Get a trolley for the trays so it’s easier to carry food around.
(Right-mid:) Some of the available entrees and appetizers. Just ask the servers.
(Right-bottom:) This reminded me of Christmas lanterns back in the Philippines. Just some decor inside IKEA.

The hubby and I arrived at IKEA for a super late lunch. It was already around 2:30PM when we got there and the place was still jampacked.  As we were lining up, I started taking photos around (like I usually do) and coincidentally took a shot that includes this couple (you actually could only see the guy). Little did I know that we will be having a very brief and unpleasant encounter with this couple. You see, while looking for a table to dine in (it was hard to find one as the place was full), I noticed this two getting up so I approached their table. Without cleaning up after themselves, they started walking away. I got the guy’s attention and said “Excuse me. You’re supposed to clean up after yourselves.” The guy just stared at their table and then the girl started questioning what was going on. I repeated myself to explain. The guy looked like he was gonna start cleaning up. Then the girl simply took her used cup and put it in the trash then walked away. I volunteered to get a tray for them so it would be faster to clean up but as I placed the tray on the table the guy made some lame excuse… I didn’t understand everything he said because his accent sucks but it was something like, “I’m sorry but my girlfriend is sick… blah-blah-blah… so I’m not cleaning this up, you do it for me. OK?” By the time he said “OK?” he was already walking away without even waiting for my response. What a jerk!!! What’s worse is that they were disgusting! They got ketchup all over the table and the bones from the chicken that they ate was everywhere! I wish I could’ve taken a photo of how they left their table for everyone to see. Argh! So the hubby ended up cleaning their table so we could eat. The couple that was seated beside them noticed us cleaning and asked what the guy said. I related it to them and the girl said “They looked just fine to me.” LIAR!

The disgusting and lazy couple. Boo!

Anyways, enough about this pathetic excuse of a couple… Writing about them makes my blood boil again. Let’s move on to our lunch. Hehe.

(Left-top): Mushroom soup (Left-mid): Seafood (aka calamares) (Left-bottom); Swiss Meatballs (Right-top); Poached salmon (Right-bottom): Ribeye Steak with broccoli

I’ve mentioned how I’m not much of a food critic before so to sum up our lunch, we pretty much finished everything. I liked the mushroom soup, I just wish they served it at higher temperature. The meatballs taste like Jollibee’s burger steak (promise!) with raspberry (I think it’s raspberry, correct me if I’m wrong) on the side. The seafood rings I can’t talk about cause I’m not into calamari. I got the poached salmon which was nicely cooked and Jay got the steak.

After lunch, Jay and I explored IKEA for a bit and I think I found the kitchen that I want for myself…

I want this kitchen. Somebody take IKEA to Manila, please! Sorry for the poor photo… It so doesn’t give it justice.

Jay and I then went to Anchoirpoint where pretty much all the stores are on sale and I ended up buying two shoes which helped me take my mind off the disgusting, lazy couple that we had the misfortune to encounter. The end.


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