Pancakes for Dinner

When the hubby was still here, we went to ‘Strictly Pancakes’ for dinner. It’s a restaurant along Selegie Rd that serves… well, pancakes. A friend was talking about it and I got curious so I got the hubby to try it with me.

It was a very busy place. There was already a long queue when we got there. You don’t really have to wait in line. You can just leave your name and number on the list and they will give you a call when your table is ready.

‘Strictly Pancakes’ serve the traditional sweet pancakes and the savoury-type (just picked that term up on someone else’s blog). Since this was dinner, we opted for the savoury-type. Jay ordered the one with the shrimp while I got the salmon.

The Menu

I can’t remember the name of this one, something-garlic-shrimp or whatever, but this one I liked. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and I actually liked the sauce for this pancake.

This one’s the Salmon Run and I’m not a big fan. The salmon was too salty for my taste. I wished I ordered something else.

We also got ourselves some shakes. I forgot what Jay’s was but mine was chocolate peanut butter.

I’ll definitely give the place another try (as soon as I find someone to go with me… or maybe when Jay visits me again).


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