Tourist Mode: Harry Potter and Singapore

Another uber late post. Hehe. Sorry, been so busy with work lately… I actually just went back to Manila last weekend to visit my family. It was a fun but super quick and rainy weekend. I had to leave just when the weather was getting from bad to worse. Philippines is going through another tough time. A lot of people had to be evacuated from their homes and some have lost their lives because of the flood. I’m just glad that our homes were not affected. #PrayforthePhilippines

Anyhoo, moving on to a less dreary topic… Starting this year, we got to have an additional leave in the form of a birthday leave… Since my birthday fell on a weekend, I took it on the 25th instead.

Ever since I got here, I’ve been seeing print ads of the Harry Potter Exhibit. Being fans of Harry Potter, that was where Jay and I went to that day. Unfortunately, taking photos or videos were not allowed inside the exhibit (Boo!) so I don’t have a lot of photos from our trip. You might wanna check out Tricia’s blog about her Harry Potter Studio Tour in London if you want to see some of the things we saw inside and more.

Entrance to the exhibit

The Weasley’s flying car…

Just a random lotus outside the exhibit building.

The souvenirs…

Our only picture together in SG. Hehe.

The souvenir shop had a lot of stuffs for sale that HP fans would be excited about… Including wands! They’re a bit pricey though… so we only got these. XD

Thankfully, the chocolate frog did not leap out of the plastic. Hehe. Nothing special about it. It tasted like the usual chocolate with crispies. It includes a collectible card of a member of a band in HP universe.

The back of the box shows the “flavors” of the beans.

Every Flavor Beans

After the museum, Jay and I just went into tourist mode. We didn’t get to visit this part of Singapore when we came here last year so it was nice to be able to visit the famous tourist spots of Singapore. Unfortunately for Jay, the Merlion was under renovation or something so he still didn’t get to see it this time around. Next time…

Marina Bay Sands. We didn’t get to go to the top, though… It started raining and we had no time. Next time…

The Singapore Flyer and Helix Bridge. I wanna see this at night. Next time…


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