Hello, Gadget World

After more than 11 years, I finally bought myself a new phone. Yup, 11 years…

Most of my friends know how out-of-touch I am with cellphones. I don’t even usually bring one with me unless I have to (ex. I’m expecting a call or meeting someone). I don’t really need it much since I don’t have a very active social life. Hehe.

Back in 2001, just when cellphones are starting to become common enough such that even a college student like I was can have one, I took all my savings (starting from gradeschool) and bought a Nokia 3210. Unfortunately, that phone got stolen after just a little over a month. It was a traumatizing experience for me. So, I told myself I’ll never buy a cellphone again. It wasn’t worth it.

I actually survived like that for a while. I have the numbers of the people that matters memorized incase I’d need to call or text someone. Hence, I usually stick with someone who has a cellphone I can borrow. XD

After the Nokia 3210, my dad bought me a Sharp Vodafone (yes, Sharp–and I thought they only make home appliances) when he went to Australia around 6 or 7 years ago that still acts as my main phone until before I left for Singapore. It was probably one of the first models that had a camera. It had very limited features: 1.3 MB memory in total, 300-kilopixel camera, 10-second videos only, no external memory slot. I’ve dropped it lots of times and my dogs actually chewed on it when they were just puppies but it’s still alive and kicking. It’s resting right now but I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it again when I get back home.

Then, he bought me a Samsung flip phone that I only used to take photos and videos of my dogs or as an alarm clock. Come to think of it, I don’t even know where that phone is anymore. I never really used it as a phone. 😛 A few years ago, he also got me an LG KP500 that I brought with me here. I didn’t use it when I was in Manila either. I was having a hard time using the touch screen. It was the “techiest” phone I had but already a couple of years out of date. But then again, who cares? I’m not a very “techy” person. I stopped caring about cellphone features after Bluetooth was invented. I guess after the LG, my dad finally realized how much of a waste it was to buy me a phone so he never bought me one again.

Having stayed in Singapore for over a month now, I’ve seen LOTS of cellphone models around. Gone are the days when there were only 3 or 4 models to choose from. My teammates here in Singapore have been telling me to buy a smartphone since it’ll be really handy here. I tried not to give in. I like to be smarter than my phone. But I thought it may not be such a bad idea. There are apps available that I could use in getting around like maps and bus information. I wouldn’t have to take out a map from my bag everytime I think I’m lost. So last Thursday, I finally gave in to their bad influence and bought a new phone.

Since I don’t know anything about phone models anymore, I asked one of my teammates to recommend one that he thinks will be good enough for a beginner like me and would suit my budget. After his thorough research, we went to Suntec and bought an HTC One V. I didn’t even know that there was such a brand as HTC until last month. Hehe.

This isn’t a product review so I’m not gonna delve into the features and it’s performance. I wouldn’t be able to compare it with anything anyways. I haven’t explored it that much yet but so far I’m enjoying it. Now I know why people gets annoyed with auto-corrects. And how addicting the games are… If you’re interested, check out its features here.

Let’s hope this doesn’t make me into a gadget-addict like a lot of people I know. 😛


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