Swensational Birthday Lunch

A day before my birthday, I got a wish come true when Jay arrived in Singapore to visit me. Woot!

We decided to go to Jurong Bird Park since we didn’t get to go last year. We arrived at Boon Lay station around lunch time. We learned our lesson when we went to Singapore Zoo last year where we didn’t get to eat  so we decided to have lunch there before we headed to the park.

After walking around, we decided to try Swensen’s. I’ve seen a commercial or two and have passed by other branches which made me curious so I thought this would be a good chance to give it a try.

Let’s start with the drinks… The sodas look yummy but I was quite disappointed. It was too “watery” for me and we kinda wished we ordered milkshakes instead.

Chocolate soda

Strawberry Soda

Fried Shrimp Dumplings – we almost always order one whenever available and I could say that we have had better.

Hers: I can’t remember the name but it’s a salmon-pasta dish. I quite liked it but I thought the salmon was too salty.

His: Lasagna – I liked the potato strings at the top. I tried it out and thought it was just so-so

Overall, I thought the food was nothing special and it’s quite pricey. If I try eating here again, I think I’ll skip the pasta dishes and maybe try the burgers or something… those looked really nice.


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