Favorite 7-11 Branch

I just want to show you some photos from 7-11 Silvermine branch at Mui Wo, Hong Kong. Hehe. This was our little haven when we were staying at Silvermine. They got food and lots of cute stuffs that you can buy as souvenirs (mostly food).

I mentioned before that Jay didn’t get to buy any toys when we went to the market at Mongkok for the second time. Well, we found some stuffs at our local 7-11 that Jay could add to his collection. He initially wanted to buy two. I told him to get three ‘coz I was feeling bad that he didn’t get to buy anything for himself. When we got to our room, he found out that each box has an extra part that is needed to complete another figure. So he went back to 7-11 and bought the other three. Hehe.

They also have this Hello Kitty collection that I failed to take photos of. Yeah, I’m a bad blogger like that. Anyhoo, everytime you purchase something, the amount has a corresponding number of Hello Kitty stickers that you could collect. You need to collect 15 to get a free Hello Kitty souvenir. We got to get two. ^_^ Goes to show how much money we spent there. Hehe.

Microwavable dumplings

We got the assorted kind…

Yay! Hello Kitty!

Anime toys!


Jay’s completed collection. I think these are from Little Battler’s Experience.


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