Independent living has started…

Its been a while… As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently in Singapore because of work. I’ve been really busy so I didn’t have the time to update this blog. Then, we lost our Kiba which really depressed me so I didn’t feel like posting at all. Afterwards, the hubby came to visit me for two weeks so I didn’t have time (excuses, excuses). He actually just left for Manila which is making me depress again. Saying goodbye the second time is harder… But I realized that I have to move forward now. So, I’m back…

This Singapore trip caught me by surprise. If I remember correctly, my boss asked me if I wanted to replace a teammate for this project on May 18. I left Manila June 2…

While most people would jump at the opportunity to travel, I was very hesitant. I’ve never really lived by myself and the thought of being away from the people I love really gets me down. My mom knows how much I can’t depend on myself that she keeps on checking up on me (probably to make sure that I’m still alive). If she had her way, she’ll probably either make Jay stay here MUCH longer or she’ll come here herself. XD

Thinking about it, I’m actually living a good life here. Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest city I know. I’m living in a very nice apartment that has good security, swimming pool and a gym. And the location’s not so bad. A cleaning lady comes by twice a week to tidy things up and replace my sheets and towels for me. All I have to worry about is food (hello, fast food–I got a kitchen but I can’t cook) and the laundry (which is a HUGE task for me).

Anyway, here’s a little tour of my apartment. Please excuse the clutter…

Entrance, kitchen and dining area. The white door at the left is where an extra mattress is kept and where I iron my clothes.

Living room… The office desk and chair were bought by my teammate but they’re too big (and too expensive) to take home. Balcony is just behind the curtain.

My little laundry area. My teammate left all kinds of laundry-stuff I don’t know how to use… Hehe. I’m sticking with just detergents.

My high-tech stove. Hehe. Too bad I could only use it to fry stuff.

Bedroom… To the right is another balcony.

The view from my room’s balcony that I rarely get to see.

TV’s in the bedroom. Yay!

Bathroom… I get to enjoy the tub every night… Nice to soak after a long day at work.

My first attempt at preparing my own dinner… It didn’t go very well so I mostly stuck with getting take-outs. XD To think it’s just Knorr soup and corned beef! Goes to show how hopeless I am in the kitchen.

Was too lazy to go out one night so I prepared a dinner that’s more like breakfast. ^_^ The soup went well the second time. šŸ˜›

Haven’t had the time to use the gym and the pool so no photos yet. Ā šŸ˜›


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