Sharing: Family Shoot Photos II

Here’s the 2nd set of our family shoot: The Justice League. Hehe. Found inspiration here. We wanted to do one set that’s very casual and relaxed. What better way to achieve that other than shorts and shirt. 😛

This is the first time my brother and I had matching shirts since we were kids. Thankfully, my brother didn’t come shopping with us so he didn’t have any choice. XD I chose Superman shirts for us because when we were kids, we used to have Superman and Supergirl costumes. Oh, how I missed those days…

Photos by John Mateos Ong
HMUA by Michelle Camaclang
Location: Clearwater, Pampanga

That’s us trying to look all tough…

Beware of “dengue”. So many mosquitoes here. My father can’t stop swatting them away…

Happy that my father had to remove his socks because of the water…:P

It was starting to rain hard around this time…

I don’t think we had a really good jump shot. I was surprised to see my brother jump this high…


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