Planning a Family Shoot

After our postnup with Rene last year, we thought we could do a shoot once a year. It would be our little tradition. Just a remembrance to show how much we will be changing for the next couple of years.

I was in Bangalore last year when I saw a promo in DealGrocer for a 2-hour shoot with THE John Mateos Ong. I immediately told the hubby about it and he also liked the idea so we availed the promo thinking that we could use it for our postnup shoot the next year. The thought of being shot by a master photographer like him was exciting. I mean, anyone who has prepared a wedding would know his name. He’s one of the best in terms of wedding photography, afterall. I found out from him that aside from being JayJay’s (and the other Imagine Nation photographers) mentor, he also taught Rene back in the day.

Well, as you all know we already had a postnup this year when we went to Hong Kong and Macau. And since that was the case, we thought having another postnup shoot the same year would be too much (says the girl who had 7 prenups, 3 postnups and a boudoir shoot). BUT, the voucher is only valid until October 2012 so we had to avail it soon. Hence, we decided to have a family shoot instead: my parents, my brother, me and the hubby. Yay!

This was the hardest shoot I ever had to plan. Most of the family photo ideas that I found online involves kids which doesn’t apply to us so it was hard to find an inspiration. Coordinating everyone’s clothes proved to be a challenge as well. Jay and I have some clothes we could use for a shoot but everyone else didn’t. I was afraid we’d clash in the photos or something. We also had to look for a van we could rent, a nice venue and a makeup artist/stylist. Whew! It was a lot of work…

Despite the stress of planning it, I’m glad that we did this. Not just because we now have pretty pictures that we can show everyone or post in Facebook but because the shoot brought new experiences for us. As an example, we found out that it was Sir Jong’s first family shoot (Cool!). It was also the first time that my brother and I wore matching shirts since we were kids. Best of all, it was our first local family trip. Aside from the Macau-China-Hong Kong trip we had a few years ago, we never got the chance to just go out of town and have fun as a family. Why? Well, my dad’s always out of the country to work. I’m hoping to change that and be able to go to the beach with them or something. Soon… I should start planning for that too. In the meantime, here’s a little teaser from our shoot. I’ll post more some other time. 🙂


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