Dead Wedding

I mentioned zombies as being my worst nightmare before… and like I said, for some reason, I still get fascinated with zombie-related stuffs despite of it. Add that to my interest in weddings and you get this post.

Believe it or not, I actually saw a lot of zombie-themed weddings online which I thought were so bizarre. Can you imagine dressing like a zombie on your wedding day? Most brides would want to look fresh and beautiful on their wedding day but apparently, there are also those who prefer to look like a bloody corpse. Aside from the clothes and outlandish make-up, I saw a bride lying on a coffin which was being carried down the aisle and when they reached their destination, the bride stuck out her hand, holding the boquet, to start “rising from the dead.” Scary… But if it’s what the couple wishes for their wedding, then so be it.

Photos below are from Check out the rest of the set.

Here comes the bride…

Newlywed kiss (or bite)…

Anyways, I thought a wedding can still be zombie-inspired without going over-the-top by infusing a few zombie-related elements in the wedding. This way, the wedding wouldn’t look like a horror convention or something. Here are a few ideas I found with the help of Google:

1) Engagement Shoot. I found two sets of really cool engagement photos.

It’s a simple shoot that tells a story. A couple gets attacked by a zombie while having a picnic. Check out the rest of the set here:

Behind you!

Dead…. no longer walking.

This one’s from Manila-based photographer, Jervy Santiago and is inspired by the “Left 4 Dead” game. It’s very action-packed.  Check the rest of the set here.

Beautiful bride

2) Invitation. Invitations that look more like a movie poster. The title “Til Death Do Us Part” seems very appropriate for the theme.

3) Cake. An armed couple at the top of a tiered cake and zombies trying to reach them. I actually saw a few other versions of this.

4) Souvenir. A cute zombie couple. It’s actually a cake topper but I thought the design would make a cute salt and pepper shaker souvenir too.

Can you guys think of anything else to add without going over the top?


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