Detachable Collars

I first saw detachable collars from Tricia (my fave fashion blogger) and I’ve been wanting one for quite a while but I couldn’t find a shop that sells it. Lately though, I’ve been seeing lots of online shops selling different kinds of detachable collars. I guess it’s becoming a trend. I’ve been looking through some online shops I found and these are just some of the styles that I liked.

Disclaimer: These are not my works and I only got the photos from their sites. Check out their shops. You might like something. (^^,)

These two are from Bring Accs.

From CatherineJanelle. She’s a designer and I came across her site through Jin. She has also worked with Tricia.

Different ways of wearing the collar.

These ones are from Elle Poupee. It’s one of the first shops I found that sells detachable collars.

Some sports collars from FashionTrends Collection.

Red polka dots

Miss Sartorial is an online shop I came across from visiting different fashion bloggers like Tricia, Camille and Kryz. Sponsoring fashion bloggers is a really good way of advertisement.


I love this. But it's already sold out. 😦

And last but not the least, is Chic Habit.

Half and half...

I love pink. And it's polka-dotted.

Pink + Lace = ❤

Ironically, after finding all these, I’ve only bought one detachable collar so far. I’m hoping to change that soon. 🙂


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