Mama Lou’s

Whenever we go to Ayala Town Center, we usually pass by an Italian restaurant called “Mama Lou’s”. I’ve been intrigued by it ever since I first noticed it. A colleague has also mentioned eating there with friends before and she really liked the ambiance and I was told that the food was good. So when Jay and I were around the area for dinner one night, we decided to finally try it out.

I noticed that there were a couple of cars parked out front and noted that they probably had a lot of customers that evening. It was a Sunday so it’s not really surprising. It was a simple house converted into a restaurant. There were tables and chairs outside which would probably be the smoking area so we opted for a table inside. The ambiance inside was very cozy. I like the interior with the orange and green walls. I think that the service could be better though in terms of promptness and taking good care of customers. When we entered the place, no one was there to guide us to our table or see us out. Nevertheless, I still think it’s a nice place to bring the family to eat once in a while.

They brought us some bread with tomato and pesto sauce. We ordered lemon and strawberry iced teas which were just the way I like them.

Bacon poutine. Yummy! The fries has that home-made taste to it--I'm not really sure how to describe it--and I loved the gravy. So far, Mama Lou's is the only place I've eaten where they serve poutine. I'm definitely going back for these...

Ragu alla bolognese. Considering that this dish is supposed to be meat-based, their version was more tomato-based. I hardly tasted any meat which was a bit disappointing. I can't keep myself from comparing it with Amici's version which is exactly the way I like it.

Rib-eye steak with mashed potato. Jay loved the mashed potato and the steak was really good too.

I’m definitely going back to try out their other dishes. ^_^


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