Random Kwento 14

I haven’t posted in a while… So much to do, so little time… Anyways, here’s another random kwento for now.

A couple of months ago, my in-laws, niece, hubby and I went to SM Center Point to do some grocery shopping and grab some dinner too. When we arrived, the niece was all excited about a singer that was in the mall for some mini-concert and meet-and-greet thingy. While she was getting herself a copy of the album, the rest of us went ahead to Savory to order some dinner.

After a while, the niece went running to our table saying that she wants to get the album signed and was asking for a camera (which we didn’t have). I’ve never really been into this sort of thing and I’ve never even heard of Someday Dream before but she looked so excited that I volunteered to accompany her. The hubby followed so we left FIL and MIL in the restaurant. The line was long but we initially thought it was tolerable until we realized how long each person (or group) would spend with the guy. The hubby and I had to endure standing on line with the niece for about an hour while thinking of food. But anyways, the little experience seemed to have made her day so how could I complain?

I would’ve posted a photo of the niece and the singer but the husband still hasn’t sent me the photos and this post is already WAY overdue. -_-


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