A Day with the Nieces

Our first groupon purchase was for a couple of tickets to Seriland which is located at Ocean Park. I’ve seen a few ads about it before and has been interested in going for quite a while so when I saw it at Groupon, I couldn’t resist the discounted promo and told the hubby about it.

The promo starts at Php220.00 for two adults. We opted for the Php420.00 which is good for two adults and two kids so we could bring our nieces with us.

– Groupon is good for 4 Main Attractions: Kids Paradise, 3D Cinema Plus, Mirror Maze and Trick Art Museum
– Unlimited time at Kids Paradise (play house)
– Can watch 2 15-minute 3D films
– Walk in the mirror maze for FREE!
– Trick art Museum – most popular attraction in Seri Fantasy World

I called ahead to make sure that there were no events for the date that we were going.

Seriland is located at the 2nd floor of Ocean Park. From the entrance, go left where there are stalls/shops selling various items. The escalator to the 2nd floor is beside the 4D Cinema.

As soon as we arrived, the two girls looked excited about what we’ll be doing. Our first stop was the Trick Art Museum. The ticket is good for one entry only. Once you exit the museum, then you can’t go back in (unless you pay for another ticket). There were a number of art inside that you can have fun with. It’s just hard to get the right photo when there are other people inside so you have to be patient. These are just some of the photos we took inside.

Next, we went inside the Mirror Maze. We were handed white gloves to use so we don’t smudge the mirrors. We had a hard time putting it on our younger niece because they don’t have small-sized gloves for kids and her hands are so small. Once inside, they gave us the rules. The basic ones are: no running and hands in front of you at all times so you don’t bump into the mirrors. We also had a guide with us to help us identify and take photos at their “picture spots” (and probably to make sure that we don’t get lost forever in the maze :P). It was a bit dark inside so flash photography is a must (I hate my built-in flash). I didn’t think I would have a hard time telling which ones are just reflections and which ones are real but when we were inside, there were a few times when i had trouble with it. The nieces found our way out pretty quickly so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time inside and we only found two or three picture spots.

Our timing was just perfect ‘coz when we exited the maze, it was just about time for the 3D cinema to start. I can’t even remember the title of the movies we saw. The first one was about duck migration and the other one was about a dinosaur. The movie was entertaining enough for the kids and they seemed to enjoy it. I couldn’t help laughing when I saw them reaching their hands out as if everything was right in front of them.

When the first movie was over, the kids entered Kids Paradise (playhouse). Kids and adults need to wear socks inside so we had to buy some socks from the stalls/shops at the ground floor. I had quite a workout crawling inside the jungle gym to play with the girls and jumping up and down at the trampoline. We didn’t have those back in the day… Jay was outside the jungle gym watching us and laughing at me. -_-

It was a very tiring day but I think we all had fun at Seriland.


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