Bokura ga Ita: The End

I opened the folder for chapter 70 that I downloaded from mangatraders. I stared at the first page for a couple of seconds before the words “Last Chapter” finally sank in… After following the manga for a while, I couldn’t believe it. I knew it was nearing the end but I had no idea that the chapter I just downloaded was THE end. It kinda caught me off guard. As much as I wanted to know what happens to Nana and Yano, I also felt sad about it ending.

The last chapter shows Nana back home helping her mom with the garden. Her mom knows that she and Takeuchi broke up but she detected that Nana has a new flame. Nana brings some peas over to Takeuchi’s house as instructed by her mom. And then she heads over the train station to meet up with Yano. She enters the station and finds herself at the same place where she last saw Yano back in highschool (end of the anime). It was very nostalgic. I suddenly remembered the last episode of the anime and my heart felt heavy. Nana reaches her left hand out as she remembers the day that Yano left. Yano arrives and holds her left hand asking what she was doing. She was supposed to meet her at the Arrivals area but ended at the Departures. When Yano said “I’m back”, I felt a sudden rush of relief and happiness for the both of them. This is it. They’re back together. It’s ending soon.

I don’t really know where they went. Yano mentioned it was a marsh. Lots of grass everywhere. They sat down and talked. And as they were talking, Yano blurts out “I love you”. Nana blushed. And he repeats it over and over. To make up for the lost time, he says. It was so like Yano… They stood up and wandered around. Yano disappeared from Nana’s view and she calls out his name asking where he was…

Yano: Takahashi! I’ll only say this once. So listen close, okay? (just like the time he first confessed to her at the school festival) I love you!
Nana: I’ve already heard it… a hundred times!
Yano: From today on, my heart will always belong to you. Will you accept it?
Nana: (she starts tearing up) It’s heavy!
< And Yano comes out so she could see him. >
Yano: It has to be heavy, for it to have any value, right?
Nana: I… I’m awful at keeping things neat, and I can’t cook well at all, though?
Yano: It’s okay.
Nana: The scar on my forehead might not go away?
Yano: I don’t care.
Nana: And also, the vegetables will rot right away… (I don’t get this one)
Yano: It’s fine. Rotten vegetables and all, I want to take care of you. So… please be my family.
And then, there were no more need for words. They just held each other.

They also decided to visit Nana’s (Yano’s ex-GF) grave which I believe was a first for both of them. There, they found a gift with a note for Yano. The note was from Yuri. It was a gift from Nana, for Yano on his 15th birthday. “Please accept the gift from that summer.” The gift was a toy that Yano used to collect. You can only get it from a chocolate egg and since it was a premium item, he says she must’ve eaten a lot to get it. And so, Nana finally met Nana.

That sad feeling after a series you’ve been following finally ends… Sigh…

Below are some pages from the scanlation I downloaded…

What did you guys think about the ending?


6 thoughts on “Bokura ga Ita: The End

  1. After finishing the anime I couldn’t help not knowing what happened between the MC’s. This really helped. Now I feel satisfied. Thanks for sharing!

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