Girl’s Lunch Out at Cafe on the 6th

Its been a while since I’ve seen two of my former officemates so when we had an exchange of emails recently, we took the opportunity to schedule a lunch out together. We initially wanted to try Van Gogh is Bipolar but we found out that they don’t serve Sunday lunch (still can’t cross it off my list) so we opted for Cafe on the 6th instead where we had a nice time catching up with each other and just simply chatting. 🙂

I’ve been there twice before with the hubby and we loved their steak. But since it was a Sunday lunch, we decided to order some pastas and a pizza instead. Most of the dishes were affordable but we found the drinks a tad too expensive.

They don't have a lot in the menu. Mostly steak (which is really good), pastas and pizzas. They also have a few Filipino dishes.

The very expensive drinks... Not really that surprising. Hotel prices.

Bread is good as usual.

Seafood Carbonara. I'd like to order this again. Yummy!

Lasagna. Still not that impressed with it.

Sweet chilli wings with potato wedges. Since Mirza and I don't like spicy food, we requested for it not to be chilli at all. They granted our wish and the chicken was still yummy. The potato wedges were cooked perfectly too.

4-cheese pizza. Cheezy!!!


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