My Top 5 Picks for Wedding Shoes

I was going through some old files when I came across these photos. These are my top 5 picks for my wedding shoes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to have any of this customised the way I want them before I got married. So, boo! But I was still happy with my shoes because they were so comfy. I could probably run a mile and not get any blisters at all. 🙂

Anyways, these are my top 5 wedding shoe design (I still wish I could have ALL these made for me but it’s just not practical :P):

How unique is that? Too high for me but that could be adjusted. 🙂

This was the inspiration for my actual wedding shoes.

If we went ahead with the fairytale theme, this would've been perfect. Just look at it. It looks like something that came out of fairytale land.

These are just lovely.

My no.1 pick. Everyone who knows me know how much I love boots and I found this perfect for me.


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