Behind-the-Scenes of our HK-Macau Shoot

While planning for our Hong Kong trip, I found out that Chestknots Studio will be going there as well and are offering packages for a shoot. I’ve been wanting to shoot outside of the country for quite a while but we just didn’t have the budget for it. Aside from the photographer’s service fee, you need to get a makeup artist and pay for their flight and accommodations. Chestknots has both photography and styling service combined in their packages plus we wouldn’t have to pay for their flights, only their accommodation for that day. So I told the hubby about it and he said yes. Yay!

We planned for a 2-day shoot. First with Ice and Penny, then with Jay Jay and Feliz. We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare so we weren’t able to bring everything we were supposed to for the shoot but I think everything went well and we love the output.

The initial plan was to shoot at Macau for the first day and then around HK for the next shoot. Things didn’t go exactly as planned…

On our first day, after shooting a bit around HK, it started raining. 😦 Goodbye to our Macau plans. We decided to just stay close so we shot near Imperial Hotel where Chestknots team was staying. Since it was Chinese New Year that week, there would be fireworks display at night. We weren’t able to get closer but the view in front of the hotel was not that bad. They also closed some of the roads so it was pretty cool to shoot in the streets with so many people around us. After the fireworks, Jay and I were already too tired to continue so we decided to call it a night. Sigh… It would’ve been nice to shoot around the area a bit more but after the fireworks, it got so crowded that commuting was a hassle so we just called it a night. Hence, less amount of pictures than usual.

We started a bit earlier on our second day. Jay Jay and Feliz arrived the day before our shoot. We’ve worked with Feliz before and I attended Chestknot’s workshop last year too so it was really nice to see them again. 🙂 After hair and makeup was done, all six of us were on our way to Macau. None of us knew our way there but Jay Jay took over and became our navigator. I still can’t believe I managed to get from HK to Macau wearing a gown. And back wearing a different one. Haha. I didn’t actually tell anyone this but I was worried that the immigration officer wouldn’t recognize me from my passport picture and wouldn’t let me through. XD

On our way to the ferry terminal, we’d stop to take a few shots whenever they see something interesting… like a guy dressed like Confucius.

It seemed that because of the holidays, a lot of other people were headed the same way. The first ferry available for us departs at around 3:30PM. We really didn’t have much of a choice so we decided to have lunch while waiting… As soon as we arrived in Macau, Feliz decided to get tickets back to HK. It was a good decision because apparently, a lot of the ferries were already fully booked. The latest we could get was around 9PM (I don’t really remember). We only had about three hours to shoot. Crunch time!

At the Macau terminal, there were people who offered us a “tour” of Macau in just a few hours. They promised to get us back to the terminal on time. We declined their offer and we were called “crazy” for not taking it at a time when there were a lot of tourists around and only a few cabs available. But we had a plan. Somewhat…

From the terminal, we rode a free bus to The Sands which is near the Fisherman’s Wharf aka “our first shoot location.” My family and I went here a few years back. Unfortunately, my dad accidentally deleted all our pictures on our way to Disneyland so we don’t have a single photo in Macau. 😦 The place is really nice. It’s huge and there are lots of places to shoot at with different themes. Everyone was energetic despite the cold (9 degrees – and I had to remove my coat!).

Just when we were about to finish on the location, one of the casino employees told us that we needed a permit to shoot there. Wah! Feliz tried to reason out that we were just tourists. We were told that it was ok if we were wearing casual clothes but wearing an evening gown is a different matter. It was a good thing that Jay Jay was a fast shooter and we were pretty much done.

So after we were reprimanded, we headed to The Venetian. We just boarded another bus for free. When we arrived, I got changed and we started shooting again. The shoot there was pretty fast-paced since we were really running out of time. Thankfully, we arrived at the terminal just in time. I was worried we would miss our ferry ‘coz the other ferries were already fully booked. Getting stuck in Macau wasn’t part of our plans. Hehe.

We got back to HK around 10PM. On our way back to the hotel, we stopped a couple of times to take more shots. 🙂 I wish we could’ve stayed longer and shoot some more. But as mentioned in a previous post, the last bus from Tung Chung to Silvermine leaves around 12:30AM and it was already getting late. We didn’t even get to have dinner. 😦 Jay Jay slipped a pastry in my pocket so we don’t get hungry on our way back. 🙂

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any BTS shots for our 1st day shoot so all of these were taken on our 2nd day.

More photos from HK and Macau here and here.

Here’s a link to Ice’s blog about their HK-Macau experience as well. (^_^)

Teaser shots here and here.

Hair and make-up ongoing… Jay & JayJay actually fell asleep waiting for us.

Just got out of the hotel. Off to find the ferry terminal.

Photo with Mr. Confucius who we saw on our way to the terminal. (^^,)

The pretty ladies of Chestknots and LSF

Inside the mall connected to the ferry terminal. Ice and Penny received a gold chocolate coin from him. 🙂

Before boarding the ferry, we decided to take a few shots while waiting.

Boarding the ferry…

Inside the ferry. Macau, here we come!

Just arrived at The Sands. Thanks for the free ride!

I love my pics here. Feliz’s idea.

The truth behind the “mahangin-sa-labas” shot. This was a failed try. My hair went down before the skirt. Check out the teaser album at Chestknot’s FB page for the successful shot. 😉

It was so cold and I wasn’t wearing anything to keep me warm (all for the sake of nice pictures :P). Penny takes care of me by putting my coat on me to keep me warm when we’re not shooting.

“Can you take our picture?”

This was so funny. Some tourists actually asked Jay to take a photo of them while we were shooting ourselves.

Frustration. This would’ve been a nice location to shoot but it was closed. 😦

On our way to The Venetian…

At the Venetian. Everyone was waiting while I was getting changed.

I love the Venitian hotel. It was so pretty inside.

I love the interiors.

And how it always look like it’s morning even though it was already 8PM.

I wanna ride!

Lots of shops inside too.

Waiting for the bus to take us back to the terminal…

The casinos and hotels in Macau are amazing.

Goodbye, Macau.

We made it!

Back in Hong Kong.

Shooting at the streets of HK.


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