Hong Kong IV

7th day was Ocean Park Day. Jay has visited the park around 20 years ago and enjoyed it very much while it was my first time so we were excited. Unfortunately, I think it was the wrong day for us to go there. It was SUPER crowded. I didn’t get to enjoy it that much.

We had breakfast as soon as we got there to give us strength. From the looks of it, we were definitely gonna need it. Everywhere you go, there were long lines. I’m gonna save you from my rants again and just post some photos.

Dancing fountain

Giant Pandas

But they were sleeping… so lazy.

Balloon ride at Ocean Park

Would’ve been nice to try it but there were so many people and I was getting dizzy. 😦

Mr. Puppeteer. He actually stopped and smile for me. Hehe.

The looooooooooooooong line to the aquarium. This is probably the longest line I’ve ever experienced.

Finally got inside! Woohoo!

Colorful corals

The starfish looked like it has a spotlight all to itself.



I love this picture with the hammerhead shark creating a shadow like that.

Lots of flowers around the park.

So cute! I wanted to hug them.

Another sleeping panda. They were all asleep.

They were writing stuffs on this. I think they were names. Not sure what it was for…

Ofcourse I had to put our names. ^_^

We got Ang Paos. With a candy inside. Hehe. Would’ve been better if it was money.

Colorful sands to decorate the bottles.

Family bonding time.

Grandpa has a balloon. I wanted one too.

So many games to try… but we didn’t get to try anything. Hehe.

Cable car to the other side of the park.

On board the cable car. I can already see the coaster.

Of course Jay had to try this out. Roller coaster addict. Haha.

Kinda like Equinox in Wonderla. But this one goes around 360 degrees.

We were too lazy to fall in line to try this out. 😦

We then headed to The Peak. I had Jay setup the tripod so I could take photos of the view (even though it was foggy). I readied my camera, set it to shutter speed of 20 seconds and took a test shot. As soon as the photo was taken, my camera died. I didn’t even get to see the preview of the photo. Wah! Just when I wanted to take photos with my DSLR. 😦

View from the Peak. The only picture I got to take. And it was just a test shot. 😦

Anyways, I couldn’t do anything about it anymore so we decided to have dinner at Mak’s Noodles. For being a Michelin-starred restaurant, it was quite affordable. The hot soup was just what we needed. I’d love to eat there again and try other dishes. The serving was small though so we had some snacks at New York Fries (Italian-something poutine).

Ready to order!

Yummy noodles.

NY Fries. Italian-something poutine plus cheese dip. ‘Coz everything’s better with extra cheese. Hehe.

On the way back to the MTR, we missed our bus stop and got lost. We got off at the last stop which was a good thing ‘coz while trying to find our way, I realized that we were at a pier. We checked around and found that they had ferries going to Mui Wo which was perfect. We didn’t have to wait long for the ferry and the travel back to Silvermine was faster. Yay!

Caught a ferry to Silvermine.

Finally reached Silvermine Ferry Terminal! Time to rest.

And then, we had to say goodbye to Hong Kong and hello to reality again… I really wanna go back soon (preferrably when it’s not winter) to visit the other places we didn’t get to go to. Save. Save. Save.


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