Silvermine, Mui Wo at Lantau Island

Silvermine, Mui Wo was very quiet. Very opposite to Tsim Sha Tsui that seems to always be lively.

From the snippets of conversation we heard in the bus to and from our hotel, it seems that a lot of Filipino workers in HK reside in Mui Wo. I assume that lodging is cheaper here. Most people ride their bike to the terminal, park it there and ride the ferry or bus to the city.

The bus and ferry terminal are about 10 minutes away from our hotel. Late at night, the time interval of the buses is much longer. 30-45 minutes if I remember correctly. The last bus (3M) going to Mui Wo from Tung Chung leaves past 12AM. If you miss it, the next ride would be around 6AM. That’s a long wait. Better take a cab instead. 😛

Near the terminal is a McDonald’s and a 7-11 where we enjoyed buying pasalubong. Yes, souvenirs from 7-11. Hehe.

We got a map from the hotel and it looks like there are also tourist spots in Mui Wo like temples and such that would’ve been nice to visit if we only had a few more days.

The hotel we stayed at is located in front of the beach. Although the view was beautiful, this means the temperature is much lower. I imagine it would be much nicer here during the summer. Next time, we’ll take our time to tour around Mui Wo. But it would definitely be during a warmer season.

Our hotel is located at the beach front. Very nice view.

The ferry terminal's over there.

The beach

A display of the Chinese Zodiac animals.

Outside our hotel. Hardly any people around.

Bikes are parked in front of the ferry and bus terminal. This one caught my attention. Hehe.

On our last day, there was a group that visit stores in the area. They do the lion dance with a guy dressed up like an emperor or something while the owner of the store watches.

Goes to show that there are a lot of Filipinos in the area. ^_^


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