Hong Kong III

On our third day, Jay and I were so tired and felt really lazy we decided to just stay close to the hotel and ended up shopping at Mongkok for the “thing” we have the next day. I wish I could’ve done more shopping but my ATM won’t permit it. šŸ˜¦

Saw this while walking to Mongkok

We went to this mall called Langham Place which has 12 floors. Hehe. Tallest mall I've been to so far. My fave part is the H&M store. Anyways, in line with the Chinese New Year, they have this horoscope thing set up. You have to peak to find out what your horoscope says.

We found this resting place on the way back to the hotel

There were a couple of elderly men playing some sort of chess.

Another group of men playing the same thing.

Then, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant near our hotel. Everything was yummy but the serving was huge that we didn’t get to finish our food.

Fried shrimp dumplings. My favorite.

Jay's noodles... Really nice to eat this on a cold weather

Jay's lemon iced tea

Shrimp with scrambled egg. Huge serving. This is good for two people.

Yummy corn soup.

I’ll skip the 4th day for now ‘coz that deserves a whole post on its own and I’m still waiting for the photos. šŸ˜‰ But let me leave you with a little teaser. šŸ™‚

It was then time for us to switch hotels. Kimberley’s rate was too high (almost double) for the last few days of our stay that we decided to get a cheaper hotel. I’m still regretting that decision but you can’t really blame us for trying to save some money. šŸ˜› We were getting broke by the second.

Before we left, we had lunch at the same Chinese restaurant.

My mango shake-something. I forgot what it's called. Best part of it is that it has nata de coco. I forgot what Jay ordered. Hehe. I should start taking notes or something.

Roasted pork

Sticky rice for dessert

After lunch, it was time to look for our hotel. It was really far away from the city. Our destination: Silvermine Beach Resort at Mui Wo, Lantau Island.

From Kimberley, we got to the MTR station and found our way to Tung Chung station. If it was cold in the city, it was uber cold in Lantau. We found our way to the bus terminal and boarded Bus 3M which is headed to Mui Wo. It was a long ride to the resort.

Silvermine Beach Resort is pretty oldschool. When we checked in, we were given keys (not key cards) and was told that our room is located on the 2nd floor. Note that in HK, they usually have a 1st floor aside from the ground floor. On the way to our room, we found out that there were no elevators. We had to take the stairs and it wasn’t easy with all the luggage that we had to carry all the way to our room. There were no safety deposit box either. šŸ˜¦ The room was spacious enough and the bed was comfy. We found an extra pillow and blanket in the closet. The bathroom had a tub. There are bath-and-shampoo gels and toothpaste available as well but I didn’t like them.

Inside the bus... On our way to Silvermine... I guess what the sign means is not to talk to the driver while he's driving? The route was zig-zaggy so he has to have his full attention on the road... That's just my assumption.

Silvermine Beach Resort

Our messy bed. There were two or three blankets which we badly needed.

Nightstand with the controls for the lights... Oldschool-looking.

After resting for a bit, we went back to Mongkok to try to look for toy stores (for Jay’s collection) but the stores we went to were closed because of the New Year. We still had fun roaming around the streets and went back to the Ladies Market as well.

A man with no arms doing calligraphy using his mouth on the street. He was really good.

The streets of HK

Street food

LOTS of street food

Lots of customers...


We ordered this again. I mentioned it in my first HK post. This wasn't as yummy as the first one we tried though. It wasn't as crunchy.

Another street performer. There were lots of them. From this lady to a group of boys dancing to hip-hop music to a clown juggling and singing.

When we got back to the bus terminal at Tung Chung, we found out that there was a long interval for the bus when it’s already late at night. We had to wait for a while which sucked. Then it started raining when we got off the bus. Boo! I’m surprised we didn’t catch a cold.


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