From Coordinating to Emceeing

I just learned a couple of days ago that Perfect 10 Weddings will no longer be accepting bookings for wedding coordination. I kinda feel sad about it ‘coz I just love them. Darlene did so much for our wedding that I really have no idea how it would have turned out if she wasn’t part of it.

But, at the same time, I do understand why. I know how busy she is and I really don’t know how she juggles her time between wedding coordination and taking care of her family. In any case, she’ll still be emceeing for weddings and with that, I wish her all the best.

Let me show you their team at work. Here are some of their photos during our wedding:

The girls of P10W sorting through our stuffs...

Darlene making last-minute adjustments while talking on the phone... multi-tasker. ^_^

I think by this time, it's pretty clear that my family's missing. Hehe.

Darlene and Selene (not sure if I spelled her name right) together with Olie, taking care of me... I started crying after I heard my bridal march song being played na.

Smile na... 🙂 Thanks, girls!

Darlene adjusting my train...

Still there ready to help me out with anything.

One of their team members hold my dad's copy of chord and lyrics while he sings. Darlene ready with a tissue. (^^,)

Ceremony done. Getting ready for the reception.

Darlene as our host. 🙂

Check our wedsite for the wedding story.


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