Armored Rings and then some…

The one ring that I’ve been really lusting over for YEARS is the Vivienne Westwood armor ring. I’ve been wanting this since I saw NANA. I think that’s where my love for armored rings started. It’s a tad too expensive though but even with that price I’m actually willing to save for it and buy it for myself. BUT I can only find it online and I really don’t want to buy anything online amounting to that much money. Should I just settle for a replica in ebay? Even THAT would need to be shipped. When we went to Hong Kong for a vacation, there was a Vivienne Westwood shop in a mall located near our hotel and I was so excited when I saw the ring in the shop. Unfortunately, the armored ring they had onstock is too big for me. I was devastated. Here’s a photo of the ring incase you’re interested:

Nana O. wearing the armored ring

Well, to compensate for my lack of Vivienne Westwood ring, I just bought whatever armored ring I could find that would fit me. I found these in Forever 21. The gold one is a little loose on me while one end of the silver keeps falling off its little hinges that I end up wearing it without one end. In any case, I still love them.

I think I bought this one 'coz it looks close to the Vivienne Westwood ring.

I also got these from Gold Dot. I haven’t had the chance to wear these too. The problem with me is I like buying stuffs I find interesting but I’m too lazy to actually coordinate my outfit and wear what I bought. I work with computers so wearing rings like these or even connector rings to work is not really very comfy.

Photo from Gold Dot's site

Photo from Gold Dot's site

Non-armored ring related: I was browsing through Gold Dot’s selection when I also found these. I’ve been looking for a black cross connector ring for months so I was ecstatic when I finally got one. ^_^

Got the black one... which is not in the picture (Photo from Gold Dot's site)

I also got this “Wing Ring”. I think that’s the 3rd ring I got with wings. Maybe I should start a collection?

Photo from Gold Dot's site


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