Hong Kong II

We decided to go to Disneyland on our second day. It was Jay’s first time here. We navigated our way there via MTR. On the way, we could already tell we were in for long lines ‘coz there were a lot of people heading the same way.

Tickets cost 399HKD each.

The first thing we tried to look for was food ‘coz we didn’t get breakfast. Unfortunately, the restaurants inside were still closed and doesn’t open ’til around lunch time. We had no choice but to stick with the waffles and dumplings to tide us over til lunch. 😦

We didn’t get to try a lot of the attractions but we tried to atleast see some of the shows. It was so freaking cold our teeth were chattering. If we weren’t waiting for the fireworks, we would’ve gone home earlier. I’ll try to spare you from my rants and just post some photos.


Mickey Waffles for breakfast

Dumplings + Mango juice

Lots of birds waiting for food

@ Tarzan's tree house

The Lion King show

And she flies....

Lots of people waiting for the parade to start

This couple just got engaged a couple of minutes before the parade start. I think one of them works in Disney.

Toy Story Land

Waiting for the fireworks... A little rant: Jay and I positioned my tripod trying to get just the right frame to take photos of the fireworks. Everything was set. Then it started and the woman in front of me decided to block my camera's view. PLUS she bumped into my tripod a couple of times without even apologizing! I was literally trying to push her off and saying 'Excuse Me' but she never even looked at me. I hate people like that.

Despite the crowd, Disneyland still felt like a magical place.


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