Ate Ching-Ching the Cat

Me with Darna

I’m mostly a dog person but that doesn’t mean I don’t like cats. I remember “having” a cat when I was little called “Darna” but she was mostly just a stray and would sometimes wander into our house. We didn’t really take care of her that much.

On the other hand, Jay’s family is very much into cats. Well, mostly his mom… I don’t know how many cats they’ve taken care of for the past 20+ years. Some have died. Some just left their home and ventured on their own.

I met Ching-Ching 10 years ago when Jay and I were still getting to know each other. And now that we’re married, she still lives at their house being the sweetest cat I know. She likes sleeping on top of their television and she’s the only cat I’ve ever cuddled with. One time, she decided to take a nap on top of my laptop’s keyboard forcing me to halt whatever it was that I was doing. And because she was moving around so much and inadvertently pressing some of the keys, my screen went sideways up (or left side up? whatever…) Good thing I knew how to fix it (Ctrl + Alt + Up).

I heard mommy (MIL) say that Ching-Ching is a Millennium cat. So that makes her around 12 years old this year. Around the same age as my dog, Thunder. She’s older than Jay’s eldest niece so she sometimes calls her “Ate Ching-Ching”. Hehe. How cute is that?


Ching-Ching likes to sleep on top of the TV. Sometimes her tail gets in the way of us watching.


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