Wedding Nightmares

Have you ever had one? It’s pretty common during wedding preps. I think I had atleast three. It’s all hazy now and I can’t recall them anymore but I do remember one scene wherein two of my friends who is a couple started fighting in the middle of our reception programme. Knowing the guy, I knew there was actually a possibility of something like that happening so on our wedding day, I asked my friend to keep an eye on them and to call the coordinators as soon as she sees any sign of trouble. Hehe. Paranoid much?

Anyways, I thought I was already pass it since our wedding’s over and I’ll never have it again but I had another wedding nightmare just before 2011 ended. It was weird. Our wedding venue was moved inside a mall. I had a face towel on my hair and I had no idea what happened to my HMUA. Since we’re in a mall, I decided to get a chocolate bar nearby and when I got back, my coordinator went AWOL. We were left on our own. Jay’s mom is missing too and my mom did not have a dress. She had no choice but to walk wearing her house clothes no less. Well, atleast she had flowers. Bizarro….

I can’t remember what happened next but I woke up feeling weirded out. I told Jay about it and he just laughed at me. Well, it IS pretty funny.


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