Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Days 7, 8 & 9

We spent most of our anniversary week walking around and exploring Singapore as much as we can so before our vacation finally ends, we wanted to have some time to just rest and relax. What better way to do just that other than go to Tagaytay and spend the night at Sonya’s Garden? Although Jay and I have been here a couple of times before, this is the first time we got to stay overnight.

The weather wasn’t so good when we woke up that morning (Dec 9). It was raining and it didn’t look like it was gonna stop anytime soon. I was thinking of cancelling our plans but Jay didn’t think much of the rain so we went ahead with our trip.

We got to Sonya’s Garden around 3PM. We didn’t have any reservations but since it was rainy season, I wasn’t so worried. We got to their office/reception and asked for a room. After paying for it, the lady told us what time breakfast and dinner would be served and then led us to our room. They served us their delicious dalandan juice and left us.

The room was quite spacious. It had two doublebeds (or maybe it’s queen-sized, not really sure) a small sofa and center table. The bathroom was really pretty too complete with a bench inside. There were large windows with lots of trees surrounding us. It was definitely a peaceful place and a chance for us to get in touch with nature.

There was no airconditioning but we didn’t mind since the weather was cold enough. There wasn’t a television either which I guess is a good thing for those who go there to escape the busy city since there’ll be no distractions. There was a stack of books on the nightstand though. Jay got a bit bored, especially since it was raining and we couldn’t go outside to explore the place more. But he did admit that it was a nice place to just spend time with each other and talk.

Guests can leave their messages using this guestbook.

Ceiling fan and stained glass

Comfy sofa

If there's a comfy sofa, of course there will be comfy beds. ^_^

Toilet area

Shower area

Shower floor

After resting for a bit, we decided to go to their spa and got ourselves a relaxing massage. When we got hungry, we headed to the dining area for dinner. The menu is the same as what they’re serving in their restaurant. Salad, pasta, chocolate cake, sweetened kamote and turon. The only difference is there was a man serenading us while having dinner. ^_^ Since I don’t eat vegetables I usually just pick on the ingredients of the salad that I like such as the poppies and mango. Their bread is my favorite, I always ask for seconds. I love their cream chicken sauce for the pasta and the dessert was also great. Since we’ve eaten here a few times before, Jay stopped me from taking photos of the food so I thought I’d just use old photos but while searching for them, I realized that I hardly took photos of the food before either. Hehe. The food was too distracting. 😛

Dining area

Loved the walls

A photo I took when we went here to eat with my parents... I only got the salad. I don't have a single photo of the pasta or the bread. Food was too distracting.


Chocolate cake. I took this photo the first time we went to Sonya's.

The sun was shining when we woke up the next day. While the kitchen staff was still working on our breakfast, we took the time to take some photos around the area. Regular diners are not allowed in this part of the garden so it was nice to just look around for the first time. Everyone was courteous and would greet you “Good Morning” when you pass by them. Some of the attendants there would pick flowers that have already fallen on the ground and give it to us to help decorate some of the pots around the area. It was a very pleasant environment.

Beautiful morning

Morning dew.... I just realized that it has been a while since I've seen one.


This pot looks different everytime we come here. And I always take a photo. ^_^

As soon as breakfast was ready, Jay and I went to the dining area and got ourselves a table. For breakfast, you can choose either Filipino or Continental breakfast. We got the Filipino breakfast and stuffed ourselves silly so early in the morning.

Dining area in the morning

Breakfast time! Bangus!



Yummy adobo

I love mangoes!

On the way back to Manila, I got a text from a college friend inviting us for dinner. It was one of those things that weren’t really planned but it was a welcome surprise. There were only a few of us (3 couples) but we had fun talking, reminiscing and catching up on each other.

The next evening, Jay and I went to our usual movie date night. It was a great way to end a week of non-stop fun.


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