Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Days 5 & 6

Our trip to Singapore won’t be complete without going to Universal Studios. We were one of the first ones there. Rate per person was 74SGD due to peak season. And yeah, there were lots of people especially in the afternoon.

Our first photo together that we didn't pay for. Hehe. Got the courage to ask a complete stranger to take our photo. Although I don't mind doing it for other people, I always get shy asking people to take our photo. ^_^

Because our hotel was so near, we got there too early. Hehe.

Excited to get in.

Had breakfast while waiting for USS to open at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Transformers: The Ride just opened on Dec 3 and I was really excited to try it so as soon as we got inside, that was where we were headed. They didn’t open it right away though so Jay went to ride the rollercoaster first. When he got back, the line was really long but the wait was worth it. It was the best ride ever! I don’t even know how to describe it aside from amazing. It really felt like we were in the movie. The long line didn’t bother us too much because the interiors of the attraction was really nice. There were LCD screens everywhere that pretty much describes the story of the ride. It was kind of like a museum actually but designed to look like the headquarters of NETS. Jay and I enjoyed it so much we rode it three times.

After Transformers, we went back to the entrance to start exploring. Technically, there weren’t really a LOT of attractions but there was so much to see. We tried to watch all of the shows. Water World and Moster Rock were great. I think we pretty much got to try most of the attractions that weren’t purely for kids. We were able to maximize our time there and had lots of fun. It was very tiring though.

Transformers the Ride. Best ride ever!!!

They were performing in front of Mel's Diner where we had lunch. This reminded me of the Troubletones from Glee.

And the winner is....

Titanic? Nah-- Madagascar. I haven't seen the movie yet so I could barely relate.

Water World show. It was really fun. Careful not to get wet though...

Ancient Egypt

The Mummy Returns ride. I wussed out and left Jay just before it was our turn...

Far Far Away

A very entertaining show...

Shrek, are you there?

Dec 8 was the day we head back home. We woke up late and after getting ready, we checked out and went to the airport. We just explored Changi Airport and ate some snacks before boarding the plane. The trip back home was pretty uneventful. We arrived Manila around 9PM already.

There were a lot of things that we didn’t get to see and do during our trip. Hopefully, we get to go back soon. This doesn’t end our anniversary celebration though. 😉


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