In the Spirit of New Year

I haven’t really made any New Year’s Resolution for years. Probably because I don’t really believe in them and people mostly forget about them after the 2nd week of January. BUT since I didn’t really get to feel the spirit of Christmas this year, I thought I would make a few New Year’s resolution to try to feel the spirit of New Year. Even though I know that I’ll consider it void and null as soon as I break one of them. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be breaking these in less than a month. Anyways, here goes:

* I will not be late more than twice a week for work. I’m not that naive to promise not to be late at ALL.
* Aside from the HK trip we have already planned this January, I will not be planning an out-of-the-country trip for this year.
* Save more. Spend less. (Effective February. Our Hong Kong trip will be too much of a temptation to resist spending.) This means:
– No impulsive shopping. I’ll make sure to check with Jay first before I buy anything for myself.
– Limit online shopping to once every three two months.
– Make sure that I could actually use whatever it is that I’ll be buying.
* Clean the house atleast once every two months.
* Work harder.

And that’s that. Good luck to me. Happy New Year to everyone! How about you guys? Any New Year’s resolution this year?

UPDATE: Already null and void.


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