Wedding Anniversary Celebration: Day 4

We initially wanted to go to Jurong Park on our 4th day but decided to just explore Sentosa instead.

Where we enter and exit our hotel... The entrance is right beside Hard Rock Cafe.

I wish we could have lived here a little longer.

From the hotel, we went to Sentosa’s Merlion and took some quick pics then had breakfast at KFC. After breakfast, we checked out the rates of the attractions available.

Sentosa's Merlion

Sentosa offers an all-day pass which entitles the person to 15 of their attractions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the Underwater World. They do offer a package that includes the Dolphin Lagoon, Underwater World, 10-minute fish spa, Tiger Sky Tower and Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom so we got that one instead.

The show was already starting when we arrived at the Dolphin Lagoon but we did enjoy the rest of the show. Jay and I also took the chance to have an encounter with a pink dolphin for 16SGD per person.

Walking to Underwater World. We should've taken the bus....

Hello, little seal!

Hello, dolphins!

Just beside the dolphin show is the Underwater World where we got to touch a bamboo shark and some fishies and feed some stingrays.

Here, fishy, fishy!


little crab...

Love the color of this seahorse

Pretty jellyfish

Too tired from roaming around Underwater World, we decided to head to the fish spa area to rest a bit. It was the first time I tried the fish spa and found it really ticklish. But Jay and I enjoyed it and I hope I get to try it again.

Fish spa time!

We took the bus to the Sky Tower and had some hotdogs afterwards.

Tiger Sky Tower next!

View from the top. That's Hard Rock Hotel.

The venue for Songs of the Sea is at the bottom left...

Then, we went to the Butterfly Farm and Insect Kingdom. I don’t really like critters but Jay seemed really interested.


Another one...

And another....

We took some of our stuffs back to our hotel room and rested for a bit then went back to enjoy more of Sentosa. We got the Noon Pass which entitles us to experience four of the 15 attractions from the Day Pass and bought tickets to the Songs of the Sea show. First thing we tried was the Pirates 4D show which was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was the exact same 4D movie that we watched a few years ago in Enchanted Kingdom. Next was Desperados which was a 3D shooting game. We then took the Skyline Luge downhill (where I proved that I suck at driving) and the Sky Ride to get back up. Lastly, we availed of the cable car ride. Of these four, we only got to take pictures at the cable car. 😦 I got the photos below of the three other rides from Sentosa’s website to give you a bit of an idea.

Pirates 4D

Desperados. Get on a horse and shoot some bad guys....

We took the luge downhill...

Sky ride to get back up...

Cable car time…

Cable Car time!

View from the cable car.

We went back to our room to freshen up and rest a bit then headed for Songs of the Sea. I thought it was the usual laser, lights and fountain show but it was way more than that. It was one of the best shows ever. Very entertaining and highly recommended.

I forgot his name... but they were selling some stuffed toys of him in Sentosa. ^_^

Amazing pyrotechnics!

Lots of lights!

And singing too!

So cool!

After walking along the beach for a bit, we headed back to our room to rest.


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